Universal - Aug 6 2006

Clues Answers
''Rhinoceros'' playwright Eugene IONESCO
''Well, that's completely obvious!'' DUH
Alley-___ OOP
An unwanted lasting impression SCAR
Atomize ZAP
Bacon sound SSS
Be revolting? RISE
Burdensome ONEROUS
California nut ALMOND
Castro, for one CUBAN
CD-___ ROM
Central artery AORTA
Charitable offerings ALMS
Chin beards trimmed into a point GOATEES
Chipmunk snack ACORN
Common verb ARE
Copy machine need TONER
Cream was one TRIO
Cum laude modifier MAGNA
Disrespects verbally SASSES
Dowagers MATRONS
Dummkopfs BOZOS
Effortless learning procedure OSMOSIS
Expression of displeasure SCOWL
Family tree LINEAGE
Farm insects ANTS
First name in a Tolstoy novel ANNA
Flow stopper DAM
Front-runner LEADER
Hoi follower POLLOI
Hunky-dory AOK
In ___ way (suffering) ABAD
Inquisition collar GAROTTE
Introduce gradually PHASEIN
July 4th beverage, perhaps WHITEWINE
July 4th dressing, perhaps BLUECHEESE
July 4th entree, perhaps REDSNAPPER
Just one of those things? THAT
Keats subject URN
Clues Answers
Krazy of the comics KAT
Lack of transparency OPACITY
Like some cereal BRAN
Liquor serving, perhaps SHOT
Many have twists ENDINGS
Medium pace TROT
More than whimper BOOHOO
Movie house CINEMA
Neither companion NOR
Obeys the green light GOES
One at a wedding reception CATERER
Partiality BIAS
Pointing devices MICE
Reporter's question, often WHO
Revolutionary computer game MYST
Road shape ESS
Royal decree FIAT
San Francisco player, briefly NINER
Saucy PERT
Shakespearean title character SHREW
Sight in the West SUNSET
Singer Redding OTIS
Snowball of literature PIG
Summer, to a Frenchman ETE
Threadbare WORN
Timberland FOREST
Tots give them to get attention TUGS
Trade diplomat CONSUL
Train-sound syllable CHOO
Unwelcome kitchen visitor ROACH
Variety of salts EPSOM
Wendy's pitchman, once THOMAS
Where worms may be served NEST
Wilderness rarity ROAD
Wonder Woman alias DIANA
Years in Madrid ANOS
Yellow and black cat OCELOT
You may make it in the morning BED