New York Times - Jan 14 1999

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Clues Answers
' ___ not!' ITOR
'The Mystery of ___ Vep' (Charles Ludlam play) IRMA
'The Unbearable Bassington' writer MUNRO
8-Down, to Sal Mineo ANAGRAM
Alternative to mushrooms PEPPERONI
Anglo-Saxon aristocrat THANE
Anglo-Saxon laborers ESNES
Arm muscle BICEPS
Attention-getter at sea AHOY
Awarder of badges: Abbr. BSA
Bell-shaped flowers SEGOS
Big Board's Can. equivalent TSE
Cathedral topper SPIRE
CBS reporter Braver RITA
Cossack chief ATAMAN
Diet site WORMS
Estuary RIA
Flash in the pan, literally SPILIGHTNINGDER
Former East German secret police STASI
Gallivant TRAIPSE
Hackberry's kin ELM
Half of dieciseis OCHO
Hardly kindly WRATHFUL
Hill person: Abbr. SEN
Hot tub inlets JETS
In charge of OVER
Indemnify REPAY
Kind of dish PETRI
Lake Geneva spa EVIAN
Let down, say ALTER
Low poker pair TREYS
Mariachi topper SOMBRERO
Menotti title role AMAHL
Midsection WAIST
More devious SLYER
Needle dropper PINE
Not in one's cups? BRALESS
Clues Answers
Out of plumb TILTED
Parks on a bus ROSA
Pasta ingredient SEMOLINA
Picture taker, in combinations CAM
Poe poem LENORE
Prefix with diametric ISO
Quaker? ASPEN
Range feature TIMER
Road ___ RAGE
Schools of whales GAMS
Scooted SPED
Showiness ECLAT
Sign of a big crowd SRO
Small shot BBS
Snake in the grass, literally MARIPYTHONJUANA
Sojourn STAY
Stay flat LIE
Sun Valley locale IDAHO
Swaddles ENWRAPS
Symbol of inactivity MOSS
Take potshots (at) SNIPE
Tartan representation CLAN
Turned on the waterworks WEPT
Underway AFOOT
Unsentimental STONY
Untouchables chief NESS
Unyielding IRON
Villains, at times SNEERERS
Waiting area, with 'the' WINGS
Whale finder SONAR
Where John Rolfe married Pocahontas JAMESTOWN
Where the Saône and Rhône meet LYON
Work units ERGS
Wren's wing ELL
You must remember this ALAMO
___ High Dam ASWAN