New York Times - Jul 13 2006

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Clues Answers
'A place where you have nothing to do but amuse yourself': Shaw HELL
'I'm working ___!' ONIT
'Oh, right' IGETIT
'The Emmys' author Thomas ONEIL
'Yep, that's the way it is' FRAIDSO
10th, in a way: Abbr. SOPH
12345, e.g. ZIPCODE
Anomalous ODD
Atmospheric mix GASES
Bathroom, in Bath LOO
Bleacher feature TIER
Boom box button REC
Bottom BASE
Boxer's mitt PAW
Brouhaha TODO
Cancel ANNUL
Captain's hires CREW
Chapter in history ERA
Cy Young winner Saberhagen BRET
Destroy the interior of GUT
Deteriorate GOTOPOT
Devours, with 'down' WOLFS
Did laps? SAT
Dragon slayer HERO
Eisenhower Center site ABILENE
Grand finale? OLEOPRY
Half a playground argument DOESTOO
Happy guy in a musical FELLA
Home of Home Depot ATLANTA
Homeland to Hadrian TERRA
It hangs by the neck CRAVAT
Kind of reasoning APRIORI
Knight in shining armor GALAHAD
Make a gondola go POLE
Makes an unexpected move ZIGS
Clues Answers
Marker CHIT
Mary who married a future president TODD
Model material BALSA
Mower maker TORO
Needle ANNOY
Not home AWAY
One at the helm STEERER
One of the Earp brothers WYATT
Out of port ASEA
Own (up) FESS
Part of NASA: Abbr. NATL
Pet's choice INOROUT
Rust-causing agent OXIDANT
See circles NEWSANGLE
Short and maybe not sweet TERSE
Slow on the uptake OBTUSE
Some Indonesian islanders BALINESE
Something that may be delayed by a storm: Abbr. ETD
Song holder IPOD
Stand for bric-a-brac WHATNOT
Take home EARN
Taken care of SEENTO
Tend to hems SEW
These: Sp. ESTOS
Trike rider TOT
Two-part DUAL
Voiced admiration OOHED
Wee bit TAD
What a leader may give THENOD
Where you live ABODE
Wraps around ENFOLDS
___ Friday's TGI
___ instant INAN