USA Today - Jul 12 2006

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Clues Answers
''Summer and Smoke'' heroine ALMA
Agatha Christie title DAME
Agronomist's concern SOIL
Blubber FLAB
Brussels export LACE
Certain distance runner MILER
Commune member, maybe (Var.) HIPPY
Cooks in the kitchen, in a way BAKES
Crime motive, sometimes REVENGE
Diamonds, slangily ICE
Dickensian interjection BAH
Eruption particle ASH
Everyday USUAL
Extort money from, e.g. BLEED
Faux pas, e.g. ERROR
Fellow contestant RIVAL
Fills the hull, e.g. LADES
First name in slapstick STAN
Gave one's best shot TRIED
Get going MOVE
Gives the main speech KEYNOTES
Gobbled-up EATEN
Head over heels TOPSYTURVY
Honest-to-goodness TRUE
Hopalong Cassidy's portrayer BOYD
How some things are denied FLATLY
Items in a compost heap, perhaps PEELS
Keep for oneself HOARD
Lacking gumption NAMBYPAMBY
Lhasa ___ (small dog) APSO
Like one Pliny ELDER
Like some grins SLY
Likewise ALSO
Lobster moms HENS
Made after taxes NETTED
Main part of a letter BODY
Medicinal plant ALOE
Mimics APES
On the clammy side DANK
Clues Answers
One may cheat on it DIET
Parachutist SKYDIVER
Party hearty LIVEITUP
Path finder HIKER
Poetic peeper ORB
Porter of note COLE
Prepare GROOM
Pull a heist ROB
Purple plum DAMSON
Required consolation, perhaps LOST
Revolutionary period? YEAR
Right on the map? EAST
Right-hand man AIDE
Roth acct., e.g. IRA
Run out of steam TIRE
Shrimp dish SCAMPI
Sign enhancement NEON
Small ruckuses ADOS
Smile of contempt SNEER
Soak up liquid BLOT
Some mineral gems BERYLS
Something rarely served? STEAK
Song for the masses? HYMN
Spoken ORAL
Strikingly odd WEIRD
Tailor's specialty SEWING
Taken ___ (caught by surprise) ABACK
Their mascot is a mule ARMY
Topmost spot ACME
Totally eliminate, in a way ERASE
Trunk cover BARK
Twinge of distress PANG
Wacky as can be LOCO
Wear and tear USE
Welcome sight to Columbus DRYLAND
Without choice WILLYNILLY
Without much of a backbone WISHYWASHY
Workout memento ACHE