- Jul 9 2006

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Clues Answers
''Born Free'' feline ELSA
''Key Largo'' star BOGART
''Las Vegas'' star CAAN
''Lion King'' villain SCAR
''Splish Splash'' singer DARIN
''Swing Time'' dancer GINGERROGERS
'40s Sherlock Holmes BASILRATHBONE
1942 FDR creation OSS
2002 Olympics site SALTLAKECITY
Actress Winger DEBRA
Advance by flattery CURRYFAVOR
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Annoyed, with ''at'' ATE
Apple model IMAC
Apronlike dress PINAFORE
Arizona river GILA
Assist in a scam ABET
Astronomical discovery of 1930 PLUTO
Auction ending EER
Author Drury ALLEN
Avoid renting OWN
Away from land ASEA
Bakery buy PIE
Bakery buys DONUTS
Ballpark figure STAT
Belles of the ball DEBS
Big name in television SONY
Big swig GULP
Bygone days PAST
Called up RANG
Carroll heroine ALICE
Chipped in ANTED
Chowder ingredient CLAM
Colonial royalist TORY
Comic-strip scream EEK
Corn container CAN
Daily grind RUT
Defensive attire ARMOR
Dizzying designs OPART
Do another tour REUP
Do some cleansing SCRUB
Does a checkout job SCANS
Dress carefully PRIMP
Editors' marks STETS
Energy booster PEPPERUPPER
Fall behind LAG
Fill completely SATE
Floats gracefully WAFTS
Formation fliers GEESE
Former ''Time'' film critic AGEE
Former capital of Japan KYOTO
Fuming IRATE
Gambling loc. OTB
German auto AUDI
GI show sponsor USO
Gives the nod to OKAYS
Greek letters DELTAS
Greek war god ARES
Hamburg's river ELBE
Highland girl LASS
Historical times ERAS
Humorist Sahl MORT
Hunter's quarry PREY
Japanese cartoon genre ANIME
Key in TYPE
Kimono accessory OBI
Kitchen gadget RICER
Landed (on) ALIT
Latvia's capital RIGA
Least important SMALLEST
Clues Answers
Leno's network NBC
Like some panels SOLAR
Lost-parcel inquiries TRACERS
Lucy Ricardo's pal ETHEL
Made more palatable SUGARCOATED
Made smooth EVENED
March Madness org. NCAA
Melville novel OMOO
Momentary halt PAUSE
Mouth off to SASS
Nastase of tennis ILIE
Neuter SPAY
Night visions DREAMS
Numbered musical work OPUS
Offers at retail SELLS
On the move ASTIR
Ore material METAL
Passed out cards DEALT
Pave once more RETAR
Perfect shape, to a collector MINTCONDITION
Pianist Peterson OSCAR
Pie-in-the-face sound SPLAT
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Plot-info giveaway SPOILER
Poetic tributes ODES
Pool-table material FELT
Popular place INSPOT
Presidential nickname ABE
Price to pay COST
Pub offerings LAGERS
Put to the test USE
Races, as the engine REVS
Reduced by LESS
Reign over DOMINATE
Rock layers STRATA
Rogers and Orbison ROYS
Roundish OVAL
Rust bucket CRATE
Schedule in advance PREPLAN
School grp. PTA
Sculptor with his own Paris museum RODIN
Seasoned player OLDPRO
Shopping aids LISTS
Some of this, some of that OLIO
Song syllables TRALA
Soup cookers POTS
Soup ingredients PEAS
Stable youngsters COLTS
Stiff straw hats BOATERS
Sushi fish EEL
Tax-deferred accts. IRAS
They're spotted in Mexico OCELOTS
Threatening words ORELSE
Throw the dice ROLL
Took second PLACED
Track numbers ODDS
Tracking device RADAR
Transparent linen TOILE
Twofold DUAL
Unaccompanied ALONE
Unreliable ones LIARS
Utah ski resort ALTA
Utter chaos BEDLAM
Visionaries SEERS
Votes into office ELECTS
Wall Street employee TRADER
What bouncers check IDS
Wipe clean ERASE
Wise guidance SAGEADVICE
Worrier's risk ULCER