New York Times - Jan 6 1999

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Clues Answers
'...___ open fire' ONAN
'Gandhi,' for one EPIC
'Iliad' and 'Odyssey,' e.g. EPOS
'It was ___ mistake!' ALLA
'Pore Jud Is ___...' ('Oklahoma!' song) DAID
'That means ___!' YOU
'Yeah, right!' IBET
'You ___ here' ARE
007's alma mater ETON
12 points PICA
Accelerate STEPUP
Add-ons ELLS
American charge AIRFARE
Award bestowed by Queen Eliz. OBE
Bar order REFILL
Brings home EARNS
Bullfighting, e.g. BLOODSPORT
Children's caretaker NANA
Colts may be found here ARSENAL
Composer knighted in 1904 ELGAR
Cuddly carnival prize PANDA
Ex-Laker Baylor ELGIN
Fashionable store since 1902 SAKS
Firefighter Red ADAIR
Fix, as a voiceover REDUB
Florida catch TUNA
Golden, in France DOR
Having handles ANSATE
Injure MAIM
Is penitent RUES
Kernel NUB
Kind of acid SULFURIC
Kind of heel STILETTO
Large's opposite PETITE
Letters at Camp Lejeune USMC
Marc Antony's love AMOR
Clues Answers
Marksman's aid RIFLESCOPE
Math. course ALG
Mediums for announcements, in brief PAS
Meteorological effect HALO
Mimi's thanks MERCI
No-goodnik BADEGG
Not tarry to marry ELOPE
O. Henry award winner for 'Shut a Final Door' CAPOTE
Office gizmo LABELER
Outdoor party LUAU
Part of 'the works' ONION
Political power structure APPARAT
Priest of I Samuel ELI
Pulitzer-winning author Alison LURIE
Queue after Q RSTU
Rocky crag TOR
Rogers and others ROYS
Scot with a lot LAIRD
Sensible SANE
Sheik ___ Abdel Rahman OMAR
Some forensic evidence DNA
Spread FARM
Star in Cygnus DENEB
Suffix with electron ICS
Surf sound ROAR
Tie up TRUSS
Turn over CEDE
TV exec Arledge ROONE
Umbrian tourist town TODI
Wedlock, so to speak KNOT
Woofer measure OHMAGE
Yank's foe REB
Zoo creatures LLAMAS
___ Sci POLI