New York Times - Dec 30 1998

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Clues Answers
'Come again?' WHAT
'Mamma ___!' MIA
'That's it!' AHA
'That's ___ to me!' NEWS
'The War of the Worlds' base MARS
'___ always say...' ASI
'___ is human' TOERR
Actor Morales ESAI
Atomic particle NEUTRON
Biased type, briefly ITAL
Big name in petroleum AMOCO
Big part of many a family budget RENT
Bill, the Science Guy NYE
Bird marker, maybe IDTAG
Boat in 'Jaws' ORCA
Bolshevik target TSAR
Bulb, e.g. ORNAMENT
California Grenache, e.g. ROSE
Catsup catcher? TIE
Chair supports LEGS
Colchester's county ESSEX
Come to the point? NARROW
Concern for a blood typer RHFACTOR
Contemptible ones SWINE
Dislike, and then some ABHOR
Dreadlocks wearer, informally RASTA
Feel bad about RUE
Full house, e.g. HAND
Get ___ on the back APAT
Growing room ACRE
Had a home-cooked meal ATEIN
Hawaii's ___ Bay HILO
How Oliver categorized his meals? GRUELANDUNUSUAL
Interjections of surprise EHS
It might bring you up to scratch ITCH
J. P. Morgan founded it USSTEEL
Magna ___ CARTA
Magnifying glass carrier, maybe SLEUTH
Mets, Jets or Nets TEAM
Clues Answers
Musically flowing LEGATO
Neighbor of Saudi Arabia OMAN
One barred from a U.N. no-fly zone IRAQI
One or more ANY
Organized bribery? GRAFTUNION
Panache ELAN
Pattern of behavior WONT
Poor boy HOAGY
QB Flutie DOUG
Quito's country: Abbr. ECUA
Rainy day reserves NESTEGGS
Rebel leader of '61 LEE
Ruler with a table ARTHUR
Sacramento's ___ Arena ARCO
Say again ECHO
Second notes RES
Sierra Club concern: Abbr. ECOL
Smoothly change the subject SEGUE
Spokes RADII
Standard product OIL
Step on it SOLE
Sticks around a stake PYRE
Storied rabbit MOPSY
Striplings LADS
Tatter RAG
The dark side YIN
They precede kicks, for short TDS
Traffic halter STOPSIGN
Walks softly PADS
Went a round BOXED
Whence the word 'golem' HEBREW
Wrestling hold for a recluse? HERMITGRAB
Zola heroine NANA
___ Haute, Ind. TERRE
___ number on DOA