New York Times - Dec 29 1998

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Clues Answers
'...can you spare ___?' ADIME
'Gosh!' GEE
'Not on ___!' ABET
'Très ___!' BIEN
'Yay, team!' RAH
3.7 and 4.0, e.g. GPAS
4:00 gathering TEA
Addicts USERS
Annapolis sch. USNA
Beginning ORIGIN
Blooper ERROR
Bright-red unglazed china? LOBSTERBISQUE
Caddie's bagful TEES
Carry on RAVE
Cartoon 'Mr.' MAGOO
Climb, in a way SHINNY
Concerning ASTO
Dinner leftover for Bowser TBONE
Donkeys ASSES
Dramatic entrance announcement TADA
Filmmaker Jacques TATI
Fishing aid NET
Fortune 500 listings: Abbr. COS
French dramatist Antonin ___ ARTAUD
Gambling locale for the taciturn? CLAMSCASINO
Grating RASPY
Hare's tail SCUT
Hertz rival AVIS
Hunter in the night sky ORION
Instrument for an étude PIANO
Jeans brand LEE
Jump involuntarily START
Kind of crew MOTLEY
Lamp type HALOGEN.
Lesley of '60 Minutes' STAHL
Clues Answers
Letter for Gandalf RUNE
Like Cinderella's slipper, to her stepsisters TOOSMALL
Little guy getting the third degree? GRILLEDSHRIMP
Louis-Philippe and others ROIS
Mark left by Zorro? SCAR
Mimic APE
Nary a soul NOONE
Neatly combed curmudgeon? CURRIEDCRAB
No longer worth discussing MOOT
On the qui vive ALERT
Poe's 'The ___ of the Red Death' MASQUE.
Pre-stereo MONO
Quibble CAVIL
Robert Burns, for one SCOT
Ropes, as a dogie LASSOES
Russian space station MIR
Sauntered AMBLED
Shells, for short AMMO
Shower RAIN
Sign up ENROL
Sir Geraint's wife ENID
Sounds from Santa HOS
Subway artwork MURAL
Tequila drink MARGARITA
They may clash in business EGOS
Tramp HOBO
Twaddle ROT
Verve BRIO
Wee, to Burns SMA
Withhold, as funds DENY
Word with crashing or tidal BORE
___ about (circa) ONOR
___ Penh, Cambodia PNOM
___-pitch softball SLO