L.A. Times Daily - Jun 14 2006

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Clues Answers
"Richard __" III
"The Man Without a Country" NOLAN
"Yadda, yadda, yadda ..." ETCETERA
A secy might take one from a CEO LTR
Acid follower TEST
Actor Chaney LON
Agnew's plea, informally NOLO
Air coach passenger's lack ELBOWROOM
Apple product IMAC
Ballpark figs. ESTS
Bargain hunter's mecca FLEAMARKET
Beatles song, e.g. OLDIE
Brass, for one ALLOY
British title LORD
Can't stand DETESTS
Chinese secret society TONG
Choice word ELSE
Clarinet cousin OBOE
Commoners PLEBS
Deduce INFER
Disparage SLUR
Doctor's advice REST
Dries gently BLOTS
Drives away SHOOS
Early computer ENIAC
Ethnic cuisine THAI
Flightless bird KIWI
Florida fishing resort TAMPA
Future invention IDEA
Herbal drink MINTTEA
Hoglike mammal TAPIR
Hook, for one: Abbr. CAPT
Icelandic literary collection EDDA
ICU personnel RNS
Julia's 2000 Oscar role ERIN
Knack for comebacks WIT
Clues Answers
LAX listings ARRS
Like "The X-Files" EERIE
Many AARP members SRS
Milo of "The Verdict" OSHEA
Musicians who like to get high? SOPRANOS
Nice friend AMI
Nile city CAIRO
People walk all over them MATS
Perfect AOKAY
Place first WIN
Primo AONE
Radio buddy CBER
Recess area SCHOOLYARD
Ref's ruling TKO
Rep's forte SELLING
Rightful part SHARE
Roger Moore role, with "the" SAINT
Shade provider ELM
Shorten further, as hair RECUT
Source of some psychiatry grants: Abbr. NIMH
Spider-Man creator LEE
Succinctly INBRIEF
Sweetie pie DOLL
There's no truth to it LIE
Tokyo spirits SAKES
Top with a slogan TEE
Types again REENTERS
Vehicle on Boston's Green Line STREETCAR
Wallop DRUB
Wartime supporter ALLY
Word that can precede the end of 20-, 32-, 43- and 58-Across STOCK
Words on a Wonderland cake EATME
Writing points NIBS
Yahoo and Google SITES
Zeta follower ETA