Universal - Jun 12 2006

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Clues Answers
''Diamonds ___ Forever'' (1971) ARE
''Guernica'' painter PICASSO
''Sergeant ___ of the Yukon'' PRESTON
''___ been working on the railroad ...'' IVE
Actress Celeste HOLM
Asian desert GOBI
Billows HEAVES
Born NEE
Boston's Bobby ORR
British bad guy ROTTER
Bulk-food drawer BIN
Caddie's bagful TEES
Capital of Tibet LHASA
Carriers or cruisers, e.g. WARSHIPS
Catches red-handed NABS
Certain newspaper ad INSERT
Chiromancer, e.g. SEER
Chronicles ANNALS
Churchillian gesture VEE
Collection including Scandinavian myths EDDA
Critical evaluations TESTS
Decorator's choices STYLES
Deep-seated desire ACHE
Face-to-face exam ORAL
French port city LEHAVRE
Garner GET
German automaker OPEL
Golfer Ballesteros SEVE
Gown features, often STRAPS
Greek marketplace AGORA
Hairstyle once worn with platform shoes AFRO
Has attachment BEEN
High and low ALLOVER
It may bounce off the wall ECHO
It may elicit a call BET
It's offered in a hospital CARE
Joanne Woodward title role EVE
Kind of book or will GOOD
Clues Answers
Language spoken by Jesus ARAMAIC
Late stand-up comedian Myron COHEN
Like an increase from two to twenty TENFOLD
Like some hair WAVY
Mineral spring SPA
Missile defense initials SDI
Modifies ALTERS
Named names SANG
Norse god of war ODIN
Of all time EVER
One of Cain's sons ENOCH
Parched ARID
Petal-plucker's word SHE
Plum part PIT
Poetic before ERE
Prohibit, presidentially VETO
Puts on the clock HIRES
Run off without paying a debt LEVANT
Ryan of ''The Beverly Hillbillies'' IRENE
Shade of pink CORAL
Shaving injury NICK
Single LONE
Some may be fine ARTS
South American cowboy GAUCHO
Sprain site ANKLE
SSNs, e.g. IDS
Superman wears them LEOTARDS
Suppresses ABATES
Tankard brew ALE
Tel ___ AVIV
Tourist establishment INN
Type of circus FLEA
Word with live or hot WIRE
Word with sing or string ALONG
Work the earth, in a way TILL