Ink Well xwords - Jun 9 2006

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Clues Answers
'And how!' DOI
'Just ___!' ASEC
'Sense and Sensibility' heroine ELINOR
'Word on the street is . . .' IHEAR
Abercrombie & Fitch symbol MOOSE
Album unit PHOTO
Appropriate SEEMLY
April letters IRS
Architect's addition ELL
Break down grammatically PARSE
Bubbly beverage SELTZER
Chichén ___ ITZA
Critic with a handlebar SHALIT
Disco ___ STU
Dot-com, maybe STARTUP
Expired, as a subscription LAPSED
Favoring FOR
First name in whodunits AGATHA
Four Holy Roman emperors OTTOS
Freshen seawater, in a way DESALT
Game catch TROUT
Glimpses ESPIES
Hardly engages BORES
HBO program featuring Bob and David MRSHOW
Here, over there ICI
High-minded stuff? THC
Hindu aphorisms SUTRAS
Hip-hop article THA
Impudent PERT
Include a document, as with an email ATTACH
Inmediatamente AHORA
It's in the pits TAR
Join the cast of ACTIN
Keys in music ALICIA
Kraftwerk contemporaries NEU
Leathernecks, initially USM
Like Sir Ian McKellen OUT
Like some coincidences EERIE
Manual alternative AUTO
Clues Answers
Mental measures once thought to be heritable IQS
Naysayer's word CANT
Neighbor of Mauritania MALI
New Zealander KIWI
Nintendo portals WARPS
Noodles often eaten with tempura UDON
Observe Ramadan FAST
Ox tail? IDE
Pink Floyd's Barrett SYD
Pride and prejudice, e.g. SINS
Psyched AMPED
R.N.'s m.o. TLC
Rose of Los Angeles AXL
Sedgwick, subject of the Velvet Underground's 'Femme Fatale' EDIE
Shake LOSE
Shoot for a job APPLY
Small, at Starbucks TALL
Sounds made by big, fat drops PLOPS
Spicy SEXY
Starlike ASTRAL
Stereo line abbr. AUX
Striker's org. founded in Akron, Ohio PBA
Sun-screen issue? GLARE
Talib of Black Star KWELI
The way things stand ASITIS
The world's first independent black republic HAITI
Theme of this puzzle ALITTLELATER
Theme of this puzzle WHATSTHERUSH
Theme of this puzzle RELAXILLGETTOIT
Theme of this puzzle, finally PROCRASTINATION
Tint HUE
Up on things AWARE
Wave point CREST
Words of triumph, or confession IDIDIT
You might have to suck it up GUT
Zilch NIL
Zoroastrianism, e.g.: Abbr. REL
___ Martin (007 car) ASTON
“¿____ pasa?” QUE