L.A. Times Daily - Jun 7 2006

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Clues Answers
"Beetle Bailey" dog OTTO
"Garfield" drooler ODIE
"Get my __?" DRIFT
"Lucky Jim" author AMIS
"What Women Want" actor ALDA
"__ Been Lonely Too Long": 1967 hit IVE
Actor's dream OSCAR
Actress Campbell NEVE
Aged OLD
Annapolis sch. USNA
Arrid competitor BAN
Attention to propriety SPITANDPOLISH
Baltic Sea country SWEDEN
Beats by a bit EDGES
Bellicose deity ARES
Big East team PITT
Blockhead OAF
Bridge position EAST
Caesar's greeting AVE
Confident ASSURED
Deer fellow STAG
Division of biol. ECOL
Duster's target CROP
Enjoys a novel READS
Evian product EAU
Fed. retirement org. SSA
Fine fiddle STRAD
First song on the Beatles' "White Album" BACKINTHEUSSR
Gaucho's weapon BOLA
Go off the track DERAIL
Gourmet delicacy SQUAB
Great __ DANE
Hall of Famer Durocher LEO
Hang in midair HOVER
Harbor vessel TUG
Harbor vessel SCOW
Haydn's homeland AUSTRIA
He plays Jack on "24" KIEFER
Clues Answers
Husky burden SLED
It comes from the heart AORTA
It may fall on your face TEAR
John or Paul POPE
Kind of model ROLE
King novel, and what each first word in 17-, 27- and 47-Across is FIRESTARTER
Labor Day mo. SEPT
Like valued old books RARE
Lopsided victory ROUT
Make repairs to MEND
Make, as baskets WEAVE
Mammal with flippers WHALE
NaCl, to a layman SALT
Neighborhood AREA
Norm: Abbr. STD
OR workers RNS
Overly glib PAT
Planet, e.g. ORBITER
Propelled across the pond OARED
Pub pint ALE
Publisher Chandler OTIS
Religious procession VIP CROSSBEARER
Salt-N-Pepa genre RAP
Siamese, now THAI
Sidekick PAL
Snazzy two-seaters SPORTSCARS
Some profs. DRS
Stable diet? OATS
Stir up ROIL
Subway feature STILE
Summer fare RERUN
Tied together WED
Tolkien meanies ORCS
What happened EVENT
Wind into rings COIL
Withered SERE
Wonder AWE