New York Times - Dec 16 1998

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Clues Answers
'...___ shall die' ('It Must Be Him' lyric) ORI
'Bonanza' brother HOSS
'Lid' RUG
'The Godfather' co-star CAAN
'___ be a cold day...' ITLL
1936 track gold medalist OWENS
201, classically CCI
50's leader EISENHOWER
A billion years EON
Animal lab technician's work? MONKEYBUSINESS.
Black gunk TAR
Bombard PELT
Bud's buddy LOU
Cake maker's work? BAKERSFIELD
Causing goose bumps EERIE
Changed from green to red RIPENED
Cleo of jazz LAINE
Clock sound TICK
Common lunch time ONE
Compact data holders DISKS
Crack, so to speak TRY
Delivery from Santa TOY
Dictation taker STENO
Do something REACT
Drill master? DENTIST
Each PER
Electrifying swimmer EEL
Fashion designer's work? CLOTHESLINE
Filling danger GUM
First lady EVE
Forward RESEND
Fountain order MALT
Frost-free zone TROPICS
Gal's guy FELLA
Green flanker TRAP
Hardly beauty pageant types PLAINJANES
Heater OVEN.
Clues Answers
Hero SUB
High schooler TEENER
Highest deg. PHD
It'll drop your jaw AWE
Just says no RESISTS
Kind of collar ETON
Like Clydesdales SHOD
Like some vows SACRED
Movie theater CINE
Neighbor of Bulg. ROM
Night spot BED
Nile biter ASP
One of the buddies of 'Bosom Buddies' KIP
One way to cook spaghetti ALDENTE
Place on piles PIER
Rainless ARID
Run a cloth over DUST
Safe to consume EDIBLE
Scat artist Fitzgerald ELLA
Sequel writer's work? SECONDSTORYJOB
Something to shoot for PAR
Span. misses SRTAS
Ten, for openers DECA
Three-masted ship CLIPPER
Total idiot ASS
Troubles ILLS
Vane dir. ENE
Vatican figures PONTIFFS
Veer out of control SKID
Vitamin bottle info RDAS
Vogue RAGE
Well-kept secret, for some AGE
Went underground HID
Wet behind the ears RAW
Wife of Charlie Chaplin OONA
Wind instrument? KITE
Work ___ (code of the dedicated) ETHIC
Wrapped up ENDED