L.A. Times Magazine - May 28 2006

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Clues Answers
"... ___, k-i-s-s-i-n-g" INATREE
"And ___ goes" SOIT
"Frankly, ___ ..." MYDEAR
"Like a patient ___ upon a table" (Eliot) ETHERIZED
"Livin' ___ Loca" LAVIDA
"Tea for Two" singer NANETTE
"What can I do ya for," e.g. AMERICANISM
"What Kind of Fool Am I" singer NEWLEY
"What ___?!" ONEARTH
"___ far far better thing ..." ITISA
100-meter runners DASHERS
Abbr. for Bilko SGT
Abstract works that seem to move OPART
Actor Ryan ONEAL
Actress Dahl ARLENE
Algiers area CASBAH
All Souls' Day mo. NOV
Alley ___ OOP
American Gigolo co-star HUTTON
An essential vitamin, variantly THIAMIN
Arapaho foe UTE
Arrested RANIN
Article of property, sometimes used pejoratively CHATTEL
Asian nursemaids AMAHS
Attacks with snowballs PELTS
Basket made with both hands SETSHOT
Beatles tune, "Fixing ___" AHOLE
Bess's predecessor ELEANOR
Big name in ballet BOLSHOI
Blood-group letters ABO
Buttercup relative ANEMONE
Callender et al. MARIES
Certifiable INSANE
Citrus hybrid TANGELO
Club or soc. ORG
Corkscrew pasta ROTINI
Crucifix inscription INRI
Dead Sea ascetics ESSENES
Depresses, slangily BUMSOUT
Devotee LOVER
Directed AIMED
Draught pick ALE
Dusting or dishwashing CHORE
Early calculator of pi ARCHIMEDES
Edd who played Kookie on TV BYRNES
End of the quip THEPLACE
Enjoy free-falling SKYDIVE
Factory store OUTLET
Familiarize ORIENT
Fatty Arbuckle, really ROSCOE
Fleeting fashion FAD
Fool ASS
Fragrances AROMAS
Francis or Patrick SAINT
French wine region COTEDOR
Gestures MOTIONS
Give off EMIT
Grass you unroll SOD
Green-card agcy. INS
Has a mind like ___ (forgets easily) ASIEVE
High-level transit ELS
Hole for a shoelace EYELET
Horned chargers RHINOS
Clues Answers
Improvement, to Jose (anagram of MARJOE) MEJORA
In ___ (furious) ARAGE
Intro to physics? META
Jewish turnover KNISH
Keepsake MEMENTO
Lethal wrapper BOA
Like Heidi SWISS
Like nylon, chemically POLYMERIC
Loggins and ___ MESSINA
Luzianne rival NESTEA
Lyric poem EPODE
Most Scroogelike STINGIEST
Move quickly DART
Narrowed due to roadwork, perhaps ONELANE
Ninny's lack SENSE
Number on a letter ZIPCODE
O.T. book NEH
Old British guns STENS
On ___ (investigating) ACASE
Pals of Boy APES
Part of the iris AREOLA
Piano type UPRIGHT
Pier grp.? ILA
Place side by side APPOSE
Places for French lessons ECOLES
Politico Kefauver ESTES
Posse shakers EVADERS
Prov. on Niagara Falls ONT
Puzzlemaking term for a two-letter unit BIGRAM
Quip, part 3 BUTICOULD
Remnants for Rover ORTS
Risk-taker's second thought DOIDARE
Showing love AMATORY
Sign to interpret OMEN
Skater Ito MIDORI
Spy plane or rock band UTWO
Start of a Steven Wright quip IGOTAJOB
Stiller's partner MEARA
Sting in a tingling way PRICKLE
Streisand film YENTL
Suffers from HAS
The doctor in The Elephant Man TREVES
The marshal on The Rifleman MICAH
The Stooges, e.g. THREESOME
Thing that restrains LIMITER
Things that give off fragrances, for example EMANATORS
Thorny plant with small fruit clusters PYRACANTHA
Tickle pink DELIGHT
Touch-oriented TACTILE
Trace HINT
Tries to solve again RETACKLES
Unit of pressure (anagram of BARK OIL) KILOBAR
Variety of alpine pine AROLLA
Vertigo setting EAR
Washer phase CYCLE
Weasel cousins MARTENS
White House occupants of 1910 TAFTS
Willies CREEPS
Workplace woe STRESS
Yarn that's spun? TALE