New York Times - May 28 2006

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Clues Answers
'___ Mio' OSOLE
3.26 light-years PARSEC
43-Down in English PEACE
45-Down in Russian MIR
A.L. or N.L. Central city CHI
Abandon the Centennial State? DESERTCOLORADO
Abbr. on an envelope ATTN
Acoustic AURAL
Actor Beatty and others NEDS
Airline abbr. DEP
All-American name KNUTE
Alternative to a dish ANTENNA
Automaker's bane RECALL
Babe or fox HOTTIE
Baby's resting spot LAP
Ben Jonson wrote one to himself ODE
Best and Ferber EDNAS
Best Musical of 1996 RENT
Biblical verb HAST
Bidding card game SPADES
Big laugh ROAR
Book before Phil. EPH
Bryologists' study MOSSES
Candid OPEN
Capitol Hill abbr. SEN
Certain Arab DAPPLE
Certain spawner EEL
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr. HRE
Common aspiration AITCH
Completely INTOTO
Construction financed by a hedge fund? MAZE
Crunchy chip DORITO
Cultural entertainment OPERAS
Cup, maybe PRIZE
Cut an awful demo? RECORDBADTRACK
Czar in a Mussorgsky opera BORIS
Descriptive wd. ADJ
Donald Duck, e.g. DRAKE
Drink at a Kyoto reunion? SAKEFOROLDTIMES
Eastern European CROAT
Ejaculate CRY
Emily Dickinson's home AMHERST
Env. science ECOL
Experts, slangily SHARPS
Feel extreme discouragement DESPOND
First name in courtroom drama ERLE
Flu fighter SERUM
G.P.'s grp. AMA
God, in Roma DIO
Greek vowels ETAS
Grier of the gridiron ROSEY
Heart CRUX
Hitchhiker RIDER
Hospital hook up DRIPFEED
How you may know something COLD
In the manner of ALA
Insipid ARID
It runs down the leg INSEAM
Just a bite NIBBLE
Kind of queen DRAMA
Köln or Nürnberg STADT
Kung ___ chicken PAO
La ___, Bolivia PAZ
Lead-in for long ERE
Like a spent campfire ASHY
Like about half the world's pop. FEM
Clues Answers
Like ears LOBED
Like Twizzlers, usually RED
Longtime Ferrara family name ESTE
Made multiple PLURALIZED
Magazine supply AMMO
Maj.'s superior LTCOL
Make a mad dash TEAR
Makes a move ACTS
Mangy mutt CUR
Mary in the White House TODD
Medical research org. NIH
Memo starter INRE
Mineral residue CALX
Mo. with topaz as its birthstone NOV
Monk's title DOM
Most spicy RACIEST
Night school subj. ESL
Not a substitute STARTER
Off the mark AMISS
On the range, say RURAL
One side in a debate ANTI
One-pointers LEANERS
Org. for pound watchers? ASPCA
Outer: Prefix ECT
Percentage SHARE
Peter Fonda title role ULEE
Place for an outboard motor STERN
Places for forks: Abbr. RDS
Plaque, e.g. HONOR
Politician's goal SEAT
Precisionist PURIST
Public ___ ACCESS
Quick trip SPIN
Reggae relative SKA
Show a Woody Allen feature? PROJECTMANHATTAN
Show featuring many alumni of L.A.'s Groundlings comedy troupe SNL
Somewhat ABIT
Sot's state STUPOR
Sound from a hot tub AAH
Sports page news TRADE
Star athlete, briefly MVP
Stay up nights STEW
Stove or washer: Abbr. APPL
Suffix with form ULA
Summertime quaffs ICETEAS
Tavern selections ALES
The Pearl of the Black Sea ODESSA
Thomas Paine, for one DEIST
To the point TERSE
Tombstone brothers EARPS
Transcripts TEXTS
Traveler's stop MOTEL
Unknown element XFACTOR
Vast, in verse ENORM
Volcanic formation CONE
Voyaging ASEA
West end? ERN
What a hypnotist might do for help? ENTRANCESERVANTS
What ageists do? DISCOUNTSENIORS
Where something may be brewing KETTLE
Words of concession ILOSE
Wrapped up INTHECAN
Writes quickly SENDSANOTE
Yellow flag ALERT