Wall Street Journal - May 26 2006 - May 26, 2006 - Crude Content

Clues Answers
'Ben-___' HUR
'I see...well...all right' OHOK
'Mighty ___ a Rose' (1901 song) LAK
'Murder in the Cathedral' monogram TSE
'Sonnets From the Portuguese' question HOWDOILOVETHEE
'Symphonie espagnole' composer LALO
'The Big Lebowski' director COEN
'The Grapes of Wrath' characters OKIES
'The Grapes of Wrath' characters JOADS
'What's the ___?' DIF
'___ of Hearts, he stole...' THEKNAVE
1945 battle site, for short IWO
1998 Eddie Murphy comedy HOLYMAN
1999 Anthony Hopkins movie TITUS
A friend in need ALLY
Above it all ALOOF
All-sudden connection OFA
Boat backs STERNS
Break out of one's shell HATCH
Cannot avoid HASTO
Carriers for spokespersons? BIKES
Character in 'The Motorcycle Diaries' CHE
Chases, as flies SHAGS
Check out EYE
Chime in OPINE
Chinese leader until 1997 DENG
Chinese secret society TONG
Cobbler-making aid CORER
Code carrier, for short RNA
Dedicatee of a Beethoven piece ELISE
Diamond flaw ERROR
Doc's prescription MEDS
Downwind, nautically ALEE
Esther of 'Good Times' ROLLE
February art class creation DOILYVALENTINE
First book of el Nuevo Testamento MATEO
Fixed beam? SETSMILE
Follower of curses? FOILEDAGAIN
Forgoing profit ATCOST
Frank OPEN
Friend of 78-Across FIDEL
Full-scale ALLOUT
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Get some air INHALE
Girl-with-an-umbrella brand MORTON
Gopher grabber TALON
Got down to be dubbed KNELT
Grover Cleveland said there was honor in it HONESTTOIL
Had pizza delivered, maybe ATEIN
Had some nerve DARED
Held up by beams RAFTERED
Home of Acer TAIWAN
Horse in a Mary O'Hara book FLICKA
Husk-wrapped dishes TAMALES
Impressive work OPUS
In-flight guesstimate ETA
Industrial-strength cleaner LYE
International accommodations ENTENTES
Invention of a sort LIE
It has a supporting role BRA
It's a form of hydrated silica OPAL
It's one thing after another CHAIN
It's written from the heart, for short ECG
Jelly for heating STERNO
Jim-dandy AOKAY
Lancelot's portrayer in 'First Knight' GERE
Clues Answers
Leader of a golf 'army' ARNIE
Leprechaun's land ERIN
Like a ghost PALE
Like Death Valley ARID
Like fans AVID
Like Iraq in 2006 WARTORN
Line associated with Louis XV APRESMOILEDELUGE
Low cards in a pinochle deck NINES
Low-maintenance hairstyles FLATTOPS
Marked, as a ballot form box XDIN
Meeting: Abbr. SESS
Mgr.'s underlings ASSTS
Myopic Mr. MAGOO
Navigation calculation SEAMILES
NBC comedy revue SNL
Newsgroup disrupter TROLL
Nixon daughter TRICIA
No longer hindered by RIDOF
Nobel-winning U.N. agcy. ILO
One way to be aware KEENLY
Online reading matter EBOOKS
Paintball gun brand EVILOMEN
Particularly like GOINFOR
Planter's concern SURFACESOIL
Playwright Capek KAREL
Poker variety STUD
Pork portion LOIN
Potent potable ALE
Pumpkin-carving mo. OCT
Raised BRED
Resident of Dickens's curiosity shop NELL
Round up CORRAL
Sacred scroll TORAH
Sch. in Troy RPI
See 71-Across ROOTER
Sex symbol of the Roaring '20s CLARABOW
Sign of spring ARIES
Silas Marner's charge EPPIE
Slinky, e.g. COILSPRING
Slip and slide SKID
Snoopy's fantasy, for short WWI
Soap box? TVSET
Soprano Te Kanawa KIRI
Southern pronoun YALL
Star of Paris ETOILE
Stats for Alex Rodriguez RBIS
Stick ___ in the water ATOE
Stolichnaya competitor SMIRNOFF
Stops for the night INNS
Story starter DATELINE
Stubborn little dog PEKE
Team with a horseshoe logo COLTS
They flock together GEESE
Thin-sliced beef dish LONDONBROIL
Thrilla in Manila fighter ALI
Throw hard HURL
Throw the bomb GOLONG
Town on Lake Victoria ENTEBBE
Twist in a drink RIND
Umpire's call TIME
Valorous HEROIC
Warrior princess of television XENA
Well-founded VALID
With 6-Down, company with snakes ROTO
Wondering why ATALOSS
Word on the bridge AYE
Words accompanying an ante IMIN
Words of solace THERENOW
Wry writer WILDE
___ alone (do without help) GOIT