New York Times - Dec 13 1998

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Clues Answers
'The Grapes of Wrath' name JOAD
'Three's Company' co-star RITTER
1899 warrior BOER
1974 Oscar winner CARNEY
A nephew of Donald's HUEY
Abu Dhabi bigwig EMIR
After-class aides TUTORS
Alliance for Progress grp. OAS
Annapolis frosh PLEBE
As the case may be PERHAPS
Australia's ___ Strait TORRES
Batman after Michael VAL
Become whole again REHEAL
Bitter drug ALOES
Bob in the Olympics SLED
Bough LIMB
Brand of sauce RAGU
Breastwork PARAPET
Bridge-support combine? TRUSSTRUST
Builder's choice SITE
C4H8O2, e.g. ESTER
Can't do without NEED
Carol opening ADESTE
Castilian kinsmen TIOS
Chairperson? CANER
Chorus section BASSES
City in the Ruhr ESSEN
Clog kin SABOT
Collegiate starter INTER
Come clean FESSUP
Commodities exchange area PIT
Containing element #34 SELENIC
Cook on the screen ELISHA
Daughter of Minos ARIADNE
Deseeders GINS
Diner bottle CATSUP.
Diner bottle CATSUP
Dixie drink JULEP
Dodge RUSE
Finish last in a renting contest? LEASELEAST
Fit for farming ARABLE
Genealogy word NEE
Genesis son SETH
Get one's feet wet BEGIN
Go public with AIR
Go with the flow ADAPT
Groundbreaking person HOER
Groundless IDLE
Group of beer drinkers? BREWBROOD
Grumbler CRAB
Harangue BERATE
Harder to plow, perhaps ROOTIER
Hardly haute cuisine SLOP
Have relevance APPLY
Hot and sour soup ingredient TOFU
In installments ONTIME
Inventor of the stock ticker EDISON
It ends in Oct. DST
It may be blank STARE
J.F.K. arrival SST
Jackson 5 member TITO
Japanese sport SUMO
Kind of clock ATOMIC
Like 'it' NEUTER
Like Galahad PURE
Little fellow PEEWEE
Longhorn's rival AGGIE
Luster on display? SHINESHOWN
Clues Answers
Manchurian border river YALU
Mane area NAPE
Many chords TRIADS
No longer green TESTED.
No longer green TESTED
Nonacademic degree NTH
Numbers game LOTTO
Numbers game LOTTO.
On a high ELATED
On the portly side ROTUND
One of the wealthy HAVE
Orbital point APSIS
Origami supply PAPER
Ornamental film PATINA
Oven pan ROASTER
Panel of tiresome people? BOREBOARD
Payoffs to chart makers? GRAPHGRAFT
Phylum subdivision CLASS
Plunge suddenly SWOOP
Point at the dinner table? TINE
Present ONHAND
Profitable extraction ORE
Property receiver ALIENEE
Put away STOW
Put out of commission DISABLE
Put to the test PROVE
Recipe verb SAUTE
Rein in CURB
Remain sober? STAYSTAID
Represses STIFLES
Rocky peaks TORS
Roger Rabbit et al. TOONS
Sea flock ERNES
Searches blindly GROPES
Sectional SOFA
Seeger of song PETE
Self-important sort TINGOD
Shade of blue TEAL
Ship perfume? SENDSCENT
Significant person? OTHER
Sky lights AURORA
Sky pilot PADRE
Soil sci. AGRON
Sought damages SUED
Sound of a step TREAD
Sound off OPINE
Source of caviar BELUGA
Spider-Man creator Lee STAN
St. Louis Browns Hall-of-Famer SISLER
Stirred up ROILED
Stronghold CITADEL
Suffers AILS
Team number STAT
Thirst quenchers ADES
This side of UNDER
Took wing SOARED
Top gun ACE
Tournament flora ROSES
Turn badly? SPRAIN
Two of Henry's six ANNES
Two of Henry's six ANNES.
U.S. Open champ, 1985-87 LENDL
Undivided ENTIRE
VCR button PAUSE
Western tribe UTES
Witch's place ENDOR
Workers' protectors UNIONS
___-kiri HARA