New York Times - May 23 2006

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Clues Answers
'It ___' (reply to 'Who's there?') ISI
'Lawrence of Arabia' star OTOOLE
'Shame!' TSK
'___ big deal' ITSNO
'___, humbug!' BAH
45 or 78 DISC
60-Across play HEDDAGABLER
60-Across play ADOLLSHOUSE
60-Across play GHOSTS
60-Across play THEWILDDUCK
Angry, as an argument HEATED
Attended as an observer SATIN
Big name in grills WEBER
Bill ___, TV's Science Guy NYE
Bobble ERR
Broadway's Prof. 'iggins ENRY
Camera type, familiarly SLR
Casual gathering KLATSCH
Caused LEDTO
Chocolate source CACAO
Courtoom figures: Abbr. ATTS
Critically important KEY
Drink with vitamin D MILK
Eyes, poetically ORBS
Gangster's gun GAT
Hair goop GEL
Hilaire who wrote 'The Bad Child's Book of Beasts' BELLOC
Home of 60-Across NORWAY
Ike's W.W. II command ETO
In ___ (lined up) AROW
Item obviated by cable TV AERIAL
Joke or choke GAG
Lascivious looks LEERS
Maker of Tater Tots OREIDA
Menlo Park inits. TAE
Clues Answers
Mid-sixth-century year DLI
Military list, quickly MIAS
Mind reading, for short ESP
Moor plant HEATH
N.Y.C. subway IRT
Neighborhoods AREAS
One rectangle measure WIDTH
Org. for Lt. Columbo LAPD
Ornamental plant with fernlike foliage SILKTREE
Pile up ACCRUE
Playwright who died on May 23, 1906 HENRIKIBSEN
Plunder LOOT
Prefix with center EPI
Property transferor ASSIGNOR
Roller Derby entrant SKATER
Sandwich introduced in 1968 BIGMAC
See 58-Across ROSE
Seriously TOHEART
Singer India.___ ARIE
Snookums HON
Stick in a parlor CUE
Stonelike abrasive PUMICE
Suffix with auction EER
Tempe sch. ASU
The Scourge of God ATTILA
Thinks the cutest thing in the world ADORES
Try, as a case HEAR
Tummy muscles ABS
Urban athlete's locale, in brief YMCA
Weapons supply ARSENAL
What buoys do on the water BOB
Wife, in slang OLDLADY
Wish to take back RUE
With 39-Across, a 60-Across play THE
With 69-Across, baseball great with 2,165 career runs PETE
Wrath IRE