New York Times - May 17 2006

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Clues Answers
'Sesame Street' character with a goldfish named Dorothy ELMO
1 teaspoon … DICEDGARLIC
3/4 teaspoon … CHILIPOWDER
3/4 teaspoon …. TABLESALT
Abilene-to-San Antonio dir. SSE
According to PER
Arrested RANIN
Balancing pro, in brief CPA
Better than show PLACE
Big and muscular BRAWNY
Big inits. in newspapers NYT
Biol. subject ANAT
Break REST
Can't hit the broad side of ___ ABARN
Cell terminal ANODE
Chamber stock AMMO
Classic soft drink NEHI
Collar SEIZE
Consume USE
Country between Braz. and Arg. URU
Decompress, as a computer file UNZIP
Egg head? OVO
Farr or Foxx JAMIE
Genesis brother ABEL
Go here and there ROVE
Greeting in London's East End ELLO
Grp. with the 1976 hit 'Livin' Thing' ELO
Gulf war ally OMAN
Having a scented ointment, as hair POMADED
Howe'er THO
Investment firm T. ___ Price ROWE
It comes with all the bells and whistles ARCADE
Jerk CAD
Join rudely, as a conversation BUTTIN
Clues Answers
Label info SIZE
Longtime Mell Lazarus comic strip MOMMA
Make a sharp turn ZIG
Make the hair stand on end STARTLE
Nest site TREE
Not just ready EAGER
Oh-so-quaint, in England TWEE
Old Italian bread LIRA
Operating with ulterior motives SLY
Org. awarding cultural grants NEA
Org. that's in the red? GOP
Pantry lineup JARS
Passed out AWARDED
Pipsqueak WEENY
Prefix with mature PRE
Pseudo fat OLESTRA
Rainbow shade INDIGO
Record over RETAPE
Reverend credited with saying 'The Lord is a shoving leopard' SPOONER
SeaWorld attractions ORCAS
Shade of white IVORY
Shanty HOVEL
Something to be hoist by PETARD
Start of a tuba sound OOM
Syr. neighbor ISR
Texas oil city ODESSA
Ticklee's cry STOP
Traffic caution SLO
Tunnelers MOLES
Wahine's wreath LEI
What 17-, 25-, 39-, 49- and 60-Across and 3-Down combine to make MILDSALSA
Wheat and corn CROPS
Where the buck stops? DOE
Word before come and go EASY
___ America (cable TV service) BBC
___ nous ENTRE
___-a-porter PRET