- May 16 2006

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Clues Answers
''Contrary'' girl of rhyme MARY
''Goodness gracious!'' OHMY
Absorb, as gravy SOPUP
Actress Lauren BACALL
Auto accessory RADIO
Basketball rim HOOP
Before, in verse ERE
Building additions ELLS
Butterfly catchers NETS
Capital of Norway OSLO
Cavalry sword SABER
Ceremonial fire PYRE
Chinese restaurant beverages HOTTEAS
Civil War general LEE
Cleveland's state OHIO
College cheers RAHS
College grad ALUM
Computer operator USER
Cup holders SAUCERS
Desertlike ARID
Diplomat Henry __ Lodge CABOT
Dried out SERE
Dues payee CLUB
Earring sites LOBES
Elevator alternative STAIR
Eliot of ''The Untouchables'' NESS
Elongated bicycle perch BANANASEAT
Enthusiasm ZEST
Fairy-tale monster OGRE
Fireplace pile ASHHEAP
Free (of) RID
Gin and __ TONIC
Grade-school break RECESS
Hand-cream ingredient ALOE
Has a snack EATS
High-society group ELITE
Hobby-shop purchases MODELS
Horseback game POLO
Italian wine region ASTI
Clues Answers
Just slightly ATAD
Like old bread STALE
Make pure REFINE
Moral principle ETHIC
Muscle contraction SPASM
Nastase of tennis ILIE
Nest noises PEEPS
Observes SEES
Offer at retail SELL
Old-style exclamation EGAD
On the peak of ATOP
Orchestra woodwind OBOE
Oscar-night autos LIMOS
Pennsylvania sect AMISH
Pollution control org. EPA
Quarry rock LIMESTONE
Racetrack postings ODDS
Retired planes: Abbr. SSTS
Revise a mistake EDIT
Room to move SPACE
Scale notes RES
Serene CALM
Sign of the future OMEN
Snowman's eye material COAL
South American mammal LLAMA
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Teenager's beard PEACHFUZZ
Theater seater USHER
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Type of firecracker CHERRYBOMB
Type of pasta ZITI
Very strange EERIE
Was the king RULED
Wedding-cake layer TIER
Wild animal's home LAIR
Window ledge SILL
Wine-list choices REDS