L.A. Times Daily - May 7 2006

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Clues Answers
"Little" kids of film RASCALS
"The Gondoliers" flower girl TESSA
"Veronica Mars" star Bell KRISTEN
"Z" actor Montand YVES
"__ girl!" ATTA
'60s espionage series ISPY
103, to Cato CIII
1944 chemistry Nobelist Otto HAHN
1963 role for Shirley IRMA
29,000-foot landmark EVEREST
Abandon hope DESPAIR
Actress Massey ILONA
Allege AVER
Arrived home safely, perhaps SLID
Awesome PHAT
Bad things to be behind BARS
Banality CLICHE
Bandleader Tommy DORSEY
Bank pmt. INT
Bar quaff ALE
Baseball stat ASSIST
Beaten badly ROUTED
Big ship LINER
Blast cause TNT
Body in a shower? METEOR
Bottom NADIR
Bridge support TRESTLE
British R&B artist Des'__ REE
Broadway opening ACTI
Caviled CARPED
Companion of Butch and Sundance ETTA
Consumed entirely USEDUP
Decree EDICT
Discount letters IRR
Disorderly way to run RIOT
Door-to-door company AVON
Drainage depressions GULLIES
Draws out EXTENDS
Dressed up (in) ARRAYED
Egg-breaking sound SPLAT
ESP and such PSI
Essential NEEDED
Exam for future MDs MCAT
Extensions ELLS
Fashion mag ELLE
Flammable hydrocarbon ETHENE
Fool ASS
French port nearest England CALAIS
French traffic citations? METZTICKETS
Fulfilled MET
Gee followers AITCHES
Gen. Robert __ ELEE
Gene mutations ALLELES
Ghanaian fear? ACCRAPHOBIA
Global warming threat, some say ICEAGE
Glucose-creating enzyme MALTASE
Golfer who turned pro before her 16th birthday WIE
Hampshire's home STY
Highway limit, perhaps SEVENTY
Increase in loudness CRESCENDO
Industry kingpin CZAR
It doesn't reach the knee MINI
It is in most dialogue? ITS
It may be guided MISSILE
It's a gas ESSO
Clues Answers
Ketch's pair MASTS
Kick back REST
Korean pals? SEOULMATES
Lab gel AGAR
Later ANON
Leader who nationalized the Suez Canal in 1956 NASSER
Less than 90 degrees ACUTE
Like reservoirs MANMADE
List of lapses ERRATA
Loan letters APR
Margarita garnish LIME
Mass. hours EST
Meddlesome NOSY
Monopoly card DEED
More like a pin? NEATER
North Pole aviator Bennett FLOYD
Obligation DEBT
Omaha Beach lander, briefly LST
Op. __ CIT
P preceders MNO
Pacific salmon COHOS
Paris pancake CREPE
Parking helper VALET
Part of ITT: Abbr. TEL
Plague cause TOXIN
Points AIMS
Printer's proof REPRO
Quiet okay NOD
Rodeo ring LASSO
Russian health expert? ORELHYGIENIST
San __ Padres DIEGO
Say "It's on me" TREAT
Sch. with its annual commencement in Washington Square Park NYU
Schubert's "The __ King" ERL
Self-centered sort EGOIST
Shaky shelter LEANTO
Shrewd opponent, slangily CUTIE
Sleeper's duds PAJAMAS
Sluggish TORPID
Small bite NIP
Smart guy? ALEC
Some ER workers RNS
Some TVs GES
Spanish computer technician? SEVILLESERVICEJOB
Speech sounds SONANTS
Star in the ring ALI
Sunscreen acronym PABA
Three-time French Open champ SELES
Tiny Mediterranean country MALTA
Tiny vessel CAPILLARY
Tot's block LEGO
Trojan hero AENEAS
Tweety's eats SEED
USPS piece LTR
Utah's __ Mountains UINTA
Vietnam depot? HUESTATION
Where Charlie was trapped, in a 1959 song MTA
Whitman "song" subject MYSELF
Willkie who lost to FDR in 1940 WENDELL
Wind down ABATE
Wine holder VAT
Words with "organized crime" TIESTO
Youth LAD
Zone for DDE ETO
__ dixit IPSE
__ four PETIT