Ink Well xwords - May 5 2006

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Clues Answers
'Club' with 'Genius of Love' TOMTOM
'It's only ___ . . .' AGAME
'No problem here' OKBYME
'So long!' BYENOW
'Star Wars' role for Billy Dee LANDO
'The best debater since ___' (The Bush campaign on John Kerry in 2004) CICERO
Actor Christopher's delivery? WALKENTALK
Alien's subj. ESL
Bridges in movies LLOYD
Bulbs in the kitchen ONIONS
Business mag INC
Call a raise SEE
Camera company imperative? CANONMUST
Classic video game inits. NES
Clears the board ERASES
Come off as SEEM
Crashed, so to speak SLEPT
Cross letters INRI
Cruncher's pride ABS
Cuban coin PESO
Dangerous toy BBGUN
Door frame part LINTEL
Drink like a cat . . . or where a cat might nap LAP
Elitist SNOOT
Extinct NOMORE
Field of plants? BOTANY
Free sample words TRYONE
G's gun GAT
Granola grain OAT
Home of the Hanshin Tigers OSAKA
It's a tie KNOT
It's stranded in your body RNA
Jean-___ Godard LUC
John, to Paul, George, and Ringo LOO
Lassie's mate LAD
Clues Answers
Like some profiling RACIAL
Literary family name BRONTE
Little buddy KIDDO
Long-running NBC program SNL
Make out NECK
Metric prefix DECA
Metric prefix ODO
Movie list org. AFI
Mrs. Chaplin OONA
Muddy up ROIL
Nicole's 'Moulin Rouge' co-star EWAN
Not an option? NEEDED
NYC destination, on a luggage tag LGA
Ohio setting? DAYTONTIME
Out of style DATED
Polo of 'Meet the Fockers' TERI
Pontificate ORATE
Prepares a child for bed, with 'in' TUCKS
Rapper's asset FLOW
Read through PERUSE
Schleps TOTES
Selling grills that 'knock out the fat'? FOREMANFUNCTION
Senior discounter? AGEIST
Soft tennis shot LOB
Source of Islamic law KORAN
Stick in a pack GUM
Studio support EASEL
Surprisingly warm house IGLOO
Test prep company KAPLAN
Tooth trouble DECAY
Trudges PLODS
Veggie ___ BURGER
Vet's old theater, perhaps NAM
Western tribe UTE
What Phil Spector recorded in MONO
White whale BELUGA
___-Magnon CRO