Universal - Apr 26 2006

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Clues Answers
''Dead ___'' (Francis book) CERT
''Death and Fire'' artist KLEE
''From Here to Eternity'' setting OAHU
''Get thee ___ nunnery'' TOA
''To Kill a Mockingbird'' character BOO
AC/DC converter ADAPTER
Acropolis locale ATHENS
Actor-writer Novello IVOR
Add up TOTAL
African antelope GNU
Aga Khan's son ALY
Alaskan cape NOME
Alliances TIES
Annoyances PEEVES
Apple frequency? ADAY
Apple's apple, e.g. LOGO
Approached NEARED
Approaching one's goal ONTHERIGHTTRACK
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Asian language family TAI
At all times EVER
Attention-seeking utterance AHEM
Bakery product ROLL
Biblical felon CAIN
Bigfoot's cousin YETI
Birthstone after sapphire OPAL
Boarder ROOMER
Bond, e.g. AGENT
Branch holders CLAWS
Caddy's holding TEA
Candlelight dinner accompaniment, perhaps WINE
Certain reference book ATLAS
Chatter GAB
Chi-omega connection PSI
Chromosome occupant GENE
Circus music maker CALLIOPE
Closed circuit LOOP
Collection of stories, e.g. ANA
Com alternative EDU
Contest with boxers DOGSHOW
Contrary lass MARY
Cover a point? SHEATHE
Crowbar, e.g. LEVER
Cupid by another name AMOR
Curtain call ENCORE
Dances to jazz music, in a way BEBOPS
Deified beetle SCARAB
Discerp LOP
Distinctive atmosphere AURA
Distribute ALLOT
Dug in ATE
Education reformer Horace MANN
Embrace HUG
Espoused WED
Eucalyptus lover KOALA
Eyelashes CILIA
Face cream additive ALOE
Fluid-level reading, sometimes LOW
French priest's title ABBE
Get friendlier THAW
Giant Melvin OTT
Go one's way WEND
Grammar topics TENSES
Grant's ''Houseboat'' co-star LOREN
Graven image IDOL
Half of a '50s sitcom couple DESI
Half-mask LOUP
Hall of Famer Mel OTT
Hamlet, e.g. DANE
Hawaiian city HILO
He eulogized Julius MARC
Herbaceous ornamental BEGONIA
Horse height measure HAND
Clues Answers
Horseback ride TROT
Inter ___ ALIA
Lackawanna's partner ERIE
Lena of ''Havana'' OLIN
Like some clay pots EARTHEN
Love like mad ADORE
Majors in acting LEE
Map abbr. RTE
Melanesia locale OCEANIA
Muslim titles (Var.) AGHAS
Neck-abdomen connection THORAX
Not in favor of ANTI
Number for one ARIA
Occipital ___ LOBE
Occur afterward ENSUE
Odometer button RESET
Olympian's weapon EPEE
Outstanding athlete ALLSTAR
Pastry offering TART
Picked apart SAVAGED
Preakness winner, 1942 ALSAB
Prefix for giving or taking MIS
Prevailed WON
Preview of a sort MOVIETRAILER
Printer type BUBBLEJET
Prior to, to Prior ERE
Ransack and rob RIFLE
Rapid transit? SST
Rare rags-to-riches route LOTTO
Red October, for one SUB
Ricky's portrayer DESI
Rock deposit ORE
Route for a famed fivesome YELLOWBRICKROAD
Rule over India RAJ
Saab model AERO
Sage, for one HERB
Shows a profit of NETS
Slangy word of intention GONNA
Slugger's guru BATTINGCOACH
Small water source RILL
Snaky shape ESS
Some downloads MUSIC
Some jumps on ice AXELS
Some penal institutions BRIGS
Some wedding participants USHERS
Something extra BONUS
Something for the poor ALMS
Sometimes you just have to raise it BAR
Sort of citizenship DUAL
Sound sense EAR
Springiness GIVE
St.-Lo student ELEVE
Stable morsel OAT
Start of Mr. Rogers' song ITS
Stay alive SUBSIST
They coast SLEDS
Thick, woolen cloth LODEN
Tire type RADIAL
Took wing, e.g. AROSE
Type of metabolism BASAL
Underground colonist ANT
Upright ERECT
Use hip boots, e.g. WADE
Wall support STUD
Wear proudly SPORT
Weight-training unit REP
What a hog wants MORE
Woods rival ELS
Word with after or through SEE
Work in human resources HIRE
Worth a ten, maybe IDEAL
___-relief sculpture BAS