New York Times - Nov 28 1998

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Clues Answers
'Coppélia' costume TUTU
'Feliz ___ Nuevo!' ANO
'Justine' star, 1969 AIMEE
'The Steve Allen Show' regular NYE
'Where ___?' AMI
'You've got ___!' ADEAL
Amy Irving's 'Yentl' role HADASS
Aron's twin in 'East of Eden' CAL
Backslide RELAPSE
Baton wielders MAESTROS
Bittern relative EGRET
Bounds AMBIT
Bra size ACUP
Come across as SEEM
Concern of some reports STATUS
Constitutionals STROLLS
Cozy up to BEFRIEND
Disingenuous sorrow CROCODILETEARS
Enchanted FEY
Estuary RIA
First name at the '72 Olympics OLGA
First name at the '98 Olympics TARA
Firth of Clyde port AYR
Forces out EXTRUDES
George Town is its capital CAYMANISLANDS.
Gypsy ___ CAB
Hardly decorated SPARTAN
Hip-hop repertory RAPS
Home maker NESTER
Humbugs FAKES
It may hide your pane DRAPERY
It's headquartered in Munich BMW
It's southeast of Rome ATLANTA
Kind of deck TAROT
Kind of organ REED
Clues Answers
Like some humor WRY
Market figure SELLER
Mexican silverwork center TAXCO
Minimally ATLEAST
Moistureless SERE
Newport Folk Festival figure BAEZ
Noted collagist ARP
Nudge JOG
Out of port ASEA
Pianist Rubinstein ARTUR
Place for a plug EAR
Plunder, old-style REAVE
Prefix with benzene AZO
Prefix with epinephrine NOR
Pull in ARRIVE
Ring connection JAB
Romance writer's reward RITA
Seconds MORE
Short poetic tribute ODELET
Smashing pumpkin sounds SPLATS
Staff opening CLEF
Steeper? TEABAG
Street of fiction DELLA
Tee off STEAM
Tee off ANGER
Telly initials BBC
Test sites: Abbr. HOSPS
The 'L' of L. Frank Baum LYMAN
The high cost of leaving? PALIMONY
Time just after sundown NEARDARK
Tunneled area CATACOMB
Turkey's fourth-largest city ADANA
Vinland visitors NORSEMEN
Waste SLAG
Wool source LLAMA