New York Times - Apr 2 1997

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Clues Answers
'Citizen Kane' studio RKO
'Como ___ usted?' ESTA
'The Art of Love' poet OVID
'There Is Nothin' Like ___' ADAME
'___ pray' LETUS
Abnormal vesicle CYST
Actress Patricia et al. NEALS
Australia's largest lake EYRE
Be on ___ with (equal) APAR
Beginning ASOF
Best Director of 1986 and 1989 STONE
Bradley or Sharif OMAR
Brandy, perhaps NIGHTCAP
Bulldog YALIE
Calendar spans: Abbr. YRS
Carl Reiner's 'Where's ___?' POPPA
Cattle encourager PROD
Circus prop STILT
D.E.A. officer NARC
Dancer Charisse CYD
Dangerous, colloquially HAIRY
Day of ___ REST
Doctor TREAT
Drink from a dish LAP
Droughtlike ARID
Fertility clinic needs OVA
Football SOCCER
Foresail JIB
Give extreme unction to, old-style ANELE
Golf ___ WIDOW
Greek concert sites ODEA
Hatha-___ YOGA
History PAST
Clues Answers
Ill-gotten gains PELF
Immunity unit ANTIBODY
Imperial decree UKASE
Inter ___ ALIA
Join forces (with) TEAMUP
Like an octopus's defense INKY
Like oak leaves LOBED
Longtime Boston Symphony conductor OZAWA
Miles per hour, e.g. RATE
NASA launch concern WEATHER
Oboes, e.g. REEDS
Organize, as an exhibit MOUNT
Parenthetical comment ASIDE
Pebbles, e.g., on 'The Flintstones' BABY
Pitts of 'Life With Father' ZASU
Police blotter types PERPS
Popular Deco lithographs ERTES
Posted SENT
Psalms preceder JOB
Put on a pedestal ADORE
Quarry PREY
Saintly GOOD
Settles in NESTS
Skater Starbuck JOJO
Steal away ELOPE
Suburban San Francisco county MARIN
Swimming stroke CRAWL
The Flintstones' favorite baker? BETTYCROCKER
The Flintstones' favorite Congressman? BARNEYFRANK
The Flintstones' favorite dancer? FREDASTAIRE
The Flintstones' favorite track star? WILMARUDOLPH
Trial's partner ERROR
Wharton's '___ Frome' ETHAN
Whiskies RYES
Word in many Gardner titles CASE
Word with T or dry CELL
Year in Spain ANO
___ Sabe KEMO