USA Today - Mar 28 2006

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Clues Answers
''Duck Soup'' name MARX
''Not so fast!'' DONTRUSHME
''Not so fast!'' SETTLEDOWN
''Not so fast!'' TAKEITSLOW
''Not so fast!'' EASYDOESIT
''Serpico'' director Lumet SIDNEY
''The Virginian'' author Wister OWEN
1/10th of an ephah OMER
A day's march ETAPE
Anonymous litigant DOE
Auction transactions RESALES
Beginning GENESIS
Blew, as a volcano ERUPTED
Budge MOVE
Building addition ANNEX
Bull Run side UNION
Camus title character STRANGER
Charity festivity, perhaps GALA
City on Lake Erie TOLEDO
Cleaning cloth WIPE
Coil of rope or yarn HANK
Court order RISE
Decorated, as a cake ICED
Dental guard DAM
Determine the costs of ASSESS
Did a doctor's job DOSED
Downhill goof SPILL
Drawn-out accounts SAGAS
Expel or eject, as lava SPEW
Forked letter WYE
Garnet and jasper, for two GEMS
Green Gables girl ANNE
Had a little lamb? DINED
Have a siesta DOZE
Head tail? ACHE
In need of salting ICY
Inter ___ ALIA
Islamic deity ALLAH
Clues Answers
It may be placed before a window BET
It's sometimes a drag RACE
Kampala's country UGANDA
Kind of table TRAY
Knocked for a loop DAZED
Las Vegas feature STRIP
Letters on a meat stamp USDA
Like beach blankets SANDY
Like brilliantine OILY
Low-level laborer of old ESNE
Lycee pupil ELEVE
Nursery offering SOD
Of a similar nature AKIN
Place for concessions ARENA
Queen of Carthage, in myth DIDO
Quiescent INERT
Reaches the coda ENDS
Rhyme scheme ABAB
Road hog, at times SEMI
Roman calendar notation IDES
Run producer, at times BASEHIT
Sale item? PRICE
Signs of things to come OMENS
Simulated IMITATED
Soon, to a poet ANON
Surfeits SATES
Swenson of ''The Miracle Worker'' INGA
The 45th of 50 UTAH
Trompe l'oeil, e.g. ART
Type of preview SNEAK
Type of rain ACID
Volatile liquid, briefly NITRO
Watercourse channel WADI
Window feature SILL
Word said before a meal, perhaps AMEN
Young lady MISSY
Yuletide visitors MAGI
___-mo SLO