L.A. Times Magazine - Mar 26 2006

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Clues Answers
"Check this out" LOOK
"Get away!" SHOO
"Or would you rather be ___" APIG
"Tact" add-on ILE
"That's ___ a stretch" ABITOF
"___ Mio" OSOLE
A Cabinet 64 Down: abbr. EDUC
Active folks DOERS
Agnew's term for the press NATTERINGNABOBS
Barbecue fave SHISHKABOB
Be behind, perhaps OWE
Betting setting VEGAS
Big inits. in fashion DKNY
Brainy TV brother NILES
Brand of printer EPSON
British actor John GIELGUD
Bummer DRAG
Burger support BUN
Car Talk carrier NPR
Card game LOO
Carlo Levi novel, Christ Stopped at ___ EBOLI
Chess pieces PAWNS
Chicago lyricist EBB
Christmas carol NOEL
Coins for Sherlock PENCE
Comic-book siren sound RRR
Common sentence structure SUBJECTVERBOBJECT
Court divider NET
Dancers try to go under it LIMBOBAR
Desktop organizer ROLODEX
Destroy RUIN
Digital displays, for short LCDS
Dirty dishes site SINK
Do ___ (play alone) ASOLO
Doorpost JAMB
Downhill racer BOBSLEDDER
Ex-mayor's nickname RUDY
Explosive sound BOOM
Eye part PUPIL
Farming prefix AGRI
Fictional duo created in 1904 BOBBSEYTWINS
First name of a George Eliot character SILAS
Fond du ___, Wis. LAC
From scratch ANEW
Garbanzo bean CHICKPEA
German article DER
German philosopher KANT
Given one's wages PAID
Go ___ for (defend) TOBAT
Gr. neighbor ALB
Hamburg's river ELBE
Hamlet, for one DANE
Hankering ITCH
Hardly anything NOTALOT
Harem room ODA
Hat or contest DERBY
Hog haven STY
Hollywood crosser VINE
Holy ones: Abbr. STS
Idolized figure ICON
In a lackluster way DRABLY
In-crowd roster ALIST
Jazzman Adderley NAT
Jimmy Stewart film, Mr. ___ Takes a Vacation HOBBS
Jurassic Park critter RAPTOR
Kal Kan rival ALPO
Kind of palm SAGO
Ladders of Fire writer NIN
Legend of the Giants OTT
Clues Answers
Less-than-cute fruit UGLI
Like some streets ONEWAY
Limit MAX
Lingerie buys BRAS
London gallery, the ___ TATE
Lower jaw MANDIBLE
Lyrical incantation from Disney's Cinderella BIBBIDIBOBBIDIBOO
Make another offer REBID
Matter-of-fact BLASE
Maximum effort ALL
Migratory blackbird BOBOLINK
Monarch, to mon oncle ROI
Move furtively SIDLE
Nellie of toast fame MELBA
Old kingdom or Utah city MOAB
Order in the court? WRIT
Ounce or pound, e.g. UNIT
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Pen name BIC
Peppard film, One More Train ___ TOROB
Poet's foot IAMB
Pre-shopping stop ATM
Preliminary version DRAFT
Put on the line RISK
Rat Pack nickname DINO
Releases LETSGO
Reverberate ECHO
Ring legend ALI
S.E. Hinton novel TEX
Sacro extension ILIAC
See 63 Down: abbr. DEPT
Sewing case ETUI
Shock JOLT
Siberian river LENA
Sightings ESPIALS
Sinatra scat syllable DOO
Sis's sib BRO
Snoop PRY
Some N-weapons ABOMBS
Some people skip it BAIL
Spots for shots ARMS
Starr of the West BELLE
Start of a New Year's song AULD
Start, nowadays BOOTUP
Take a booth, e.g. SIT
Take ___ (accept hush money) ABRIBE
Talking points TOPICS
Tee shot DRIVE
Teen hangout, often MALL
Temporarily FORNOW
Tend to again, as a squeak REOIL
Terrible motivation HATE
Thingamajig DEALYBOB
Third point, to Serena FORTY
Trifle (with) TOY
Tune consideration TEMPO
Turkish official or 1940s actor Turhan BEY
Twosome DUO
Type of quail BOBWHITE
Wall Street optimist BULL
Warm greeting EMBRACE
Warm up THAW
Watergate figure LIDDY
Western classic, The ___ Incident OXBOW
Wine-cask wood OAK
___ dancer GOGO
___ on (study) READUP
___ place MELROSE