L.A. Times Sunday - Mar 19 2006

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Clues Answers
""--- Wiedersehen"" AUF
"Applesauce!" PSHAW
"Band of Gold" singer Payne FREDA
"Dear" book DIARY
"Do you take --- a fool?" MEFOR
"Lookeehere!" BEHOLD
"Tartuffe" playwright MOLIERE
"What --- say?" CANI
"Why not take --- me?" ALLOF
A sporran goes with it KILT
Ability TALENT
Actress Anne or Meredith BAXTER
Address book abbr. TEL
Amt. usually shown in grams RDA
Andean Indians INCAS
Bar fight? TRIAL
Baseball booboo ERROR
Bear up? URSA
Big turkey FIASCO
Brain-wave chart EEG
Broccoli cluster FLORET
Car hood, in Cardiff BONNET
Carrier initials USS
Chess pieces MEN
Concerns of a famous conjoined twin? CHAFINGANDENG
Country singer Hoyt AXTON
Dance from Texas TWOSTEP
David who played Hutch SOUL
Decoder's manual KEY
Demon's output? FIENDPRODUCT
Desperate characters? SOS
Diamond positions, briefly RFS
Disengage? JILT
Dollars for quarters RENT
Early philosopher-ballplayer? PLINYTHEFIELDER
Earth in sci-fi TERRA
Either of two Missouri tributaries PLATTE
Fit condition PIQUE
Flare's opp. TAPER
Flynn of filmdom ERROL
Front line? ISOBAR
Fulminates RAGES
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Give an --- (mark high) ATO
Glass works? OPERAS
Go over EXCEED
Gram or dram MEASURE
Guess at LAX ETA
Gyro staple LAMB
Have to MUST
Horror film figure SLASHER
Il-luna-minated? MOONLIT
Inspirer of Lennon's "Woman" ONO
It comes before the Carta MAGNA
It comes before the carte ALA
It consists of a top and a bottom INNING
It covers a lot of ground TAR
It does a bang-up job TNT
It makes an impression DIE
It may contain a cup holder ARMREST
It pulls a bit REIN
It's his party HOST
It's pushed by a trailer MOVIE
Italian liqueur STREGA
Katmandude? NEPALI
Ker ender PLUNK
Lakers owner Jerry BUSS
Legal instrument resisted? QUITCLAIMDEFIED
Less clear MISTIER
Clues Answers
Like a Biblical stone caster SINLESS
Like Georgia Brown SWEET
Like raw linen ECRU
Linguist's concern GENDER
Litter critter PUP
Maker of durable playing cards? OSHKOSHBGOFISH
Manet masterpiece OLYMPIA
Marge or Maggie SIMPSON
Martin or McQueen STEVE
Mdse. GDS
Mexican liquor MESCAL
Newsgroup group USENET
Oft-quoted catcher BERRA
On the disabled list HURT
Overcurious NOSY
PBS science host Alan ALDA
Poem of praise ODE
Poetic preposition TIL
Privileged people HAVES
Purely academic MOOT
Puts back to zero RESETS
Rafter BEAM
Reggae great Peter TOSH
Resinous substance LAC
Ridiculing work SATIRE
Ring master? ALI
Roadwork rerouting DETOUR
Roaring start? RIP
Rockers --- Dan STEELY
Rubber ducky venues BATHS
Rummy relative CANASTA
Run the roast EMCEE
Safe sword EPEE
Secular LAIC
Six, in Sicily SEI
Skye writing ERSE
Slippery sort EEL
Slowness standard SNAIL
Something to thank G for? FRI
Southwest sheepherder HOPI
Special or photo follower OPS
Sporting sneakers SHOD
Stepladder step RUNG
Stick around STAY
Sticking it out LASTING
Still existing EXTANT
Substitution word LIEU
Swearing-in words OATHS
Sweetie pie HON
Take a flier JET
They may be patted on the back TALCS
They were big in the Forties BANDS
Tiny tots INFANTS
To the back of the boat ASTERN
Took the wrong way? STOLE
Turns tail? WAGS
Typist's concerns MARGINS
Unkempt RATTY
Uses postscripts ADDS
Van Dyke and Moore's stony sitcom couple? THEPETRIFIES
Vestry vestment ALB
Wagnerian downsizing spiral? THEFIRINGCYCLE
Watson, to Bell or Holmes AIDE
What a bypass may bypass CITY
Wonder aloud ASK
Work on the edge WHET
Yearly doz. MOS