USA Today - Mar 17 2006

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Clues Answers
''Turandot'' slave girl LIU
A hand for Snoopy PAW
Al Capone's identifying feature SCAR
Animated hunter ELMERFUDD
Big Ten sch. OSU
Came to a fast stop? ATE
Car safety system brand ONSTAR
Carmarthen citizens, e.g. WELSH
Cassowary relative RHEA
Class struggle? TEST
Control-tower device RADAR
Corp. heads CEOS
Correspond, in grammar AGREE
Country singer Steve EARLE
Decline EBB
Denier's word NOT
Deprive of by deceit DEFRAUD
Downsizes PARES
Early artist's milieu CAVE
Emulate a crab SIDLE
Evenings, in ads NITES
Every relative? EACH
Exclamations from Homer DOHS
Farsighted one? SEER
Flue coat SOOT
Friendly femme AMIE
Gilbert & Sullivan's princess IDA
Grant's landmark TOMB
Grenoble's department of France ISERE
Hardly Mr. Cool DORK
Hoover's force, briefly GMEN
Illicit cigarette REEFER
In an upright position ERECT
Is of the opinion DEEMS
It's a question of identity WHO
It's found in veins ORE
Kett of the comics ETTA
Kind of preview SNEAK
Let fall, as tears SHED
Clues Answers
Like Death's horse PALE
Like Mao's book RED
Made the dust clear, in a way SWEPT
Meat from the back of thighs HAMS
Minor confrontation SPAT
Morales of ''La Bamba'' ESAI
Name on a range AMANA
Narcissists' problems EGOS
Nearly all ''American Idol'' auditioners WANNABES
Nick and Nora's terrier ASTA
Not well thought-out HASTY
Part of a profit calculation COST
Part of Ebenezer Scrooge's cry BAH
Pinnacle ACME
Plant swelling problem EDEMA
Respectful Asian address SRI
River to the Humber estuary TRENT
Role played by Patti LuPone EVITA
Shamrock land EIRE
Some stuff heroes are made of BOLOGNA
Sounds like it's right RINGSTRUE
Swamp thing REED
Syllogistic word ERGO
That little ''somethin' somethin''' AURA
The Supremes, e.g. TRIO
They've got the vote INS
Thin wooden strips LATHS
Throw off, as light EMIT
Today's newspaper letters? USA
Try to win over WOO
Turkey may be found here NEAREAST
Word from Tonto KEMO
Word with kill or hog ROAD
Word with light or line SKY
Writer Hubbard LRON
Zugspitze, for one ALP