New York Times - Nov 6 1998

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Clues Answers
'And what ___ rare as...' ISSO
'Heat' star, 1995 ALPACINO
'It Must Be ___' HIM
'Mighty Lak' a Rose' composer NEVIN
'The Carpetbaggers' co-star, 1964 LADD
1964 Hitchcock thriller MARNIE
A really big shoe EEEE
About 1.3 cubic yards STERE
Academic settings COLLEGECAMPUSES
Architectural moldings OGEES
Blanch PALE
Bond, but not James Bond GLUE
Buckwheat pancakes BLINI
C.I.S. members, once SSRS
Channel surfer's locale, maybe RECLINER
Clip-and-file item NAIL
Community event SING
Engaging individual HIRER
European capital TIRANA
Extended patience, perhaps DOUBLESOLITAIRE
Fought VIED
French part of the U.S.A. UNIS
French wave ONDE
Get all gussied up DRESSTOTHENINES
Hello and goodbye SHALOM
Humble beginning LOGCABIN
Incessantly ONEND
Intestinal parts ILEA
It'll give you an even split BISECTOR
Lady's man EARL
Clues Answers
Lesser Spanish noblemen HIDALGOS
Make a bundle BALE
No-goodnik SCAMP
Offspring SONS
One of the sisters in 'Sisters' ALEX
Only same-year N.C.A.A. and N.I.T. tourney winner (1950) CCNY
Peak near Paterno ETNA
Pervasive quality AROMA
Piece of cake? TIER
Place for a pin LAPEL
Precollege ELHI
Result of a buyout, perhaps EARLYRETIREMENT
Revolver feature, perhaps SNUBNOSE
Shade of red BEET
Some hummingbirds EMERALDS
Sound beginning? ULTRA
Stack part NESS
Standard bearers MASTS
Suitable for extreme dieters NOCAL
Superfluities EXCESSES
Sure target ODOR
They're called on account of rain CABS
They're likely to come to blows ACTIVEVOLCANOES
Treat with milk OREO
Troubles AILS
Unspecified no. SEV
Vice President under Grover Cleveland ADLAIESTEVENSON
Was taught how to do something LEARNEDTHEROPES
Wrangle SPAR
Year in the reign of Edward I MCCC
___ Indian PLAINS