New York Times - Nov 5 1998

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Clues Answers
'Diary of ___ Housewife' AMAD
'Two Women' co-star, 1961 LOREN
'You ___ bother!' NEEDNT
'___ a dream': King IHAVE
'___ way!' ('You go, girl!') ATTA
Aladdin's monkey ABU
Amorous skunk Le Pew PEPE
Asian ___ FLU
Author Dostoyevsky FYODOR
Bee chaser? CEE
Big night EVE
Brewski SUDS
Brings up REARS
British P.M., 1783-1801 PITT
Bruce Wayne, to Batman ALTEREGO
Bruise preventers PADS
Child carrier BUS
Common girl's middle name LOU
Couric of 'Today' KATIE.
Defunct sports org. since 1976 ABA
Detroit's Joe Louis Sports ___ ARENA
Dockworker LADER
Double agents MOLES
Driver's switch WIPERS
Excluding NOT
Give a sermon MORALIZE
Graph measure SLOPE
Having a lot to lose OBESE
High points: Abbr. MTS
Hootenanny sight BALE
It's a wrap FOIL
Let up ABATE
Like the U.N. INTL
Low islands CAYS
More than crazy MANIACAL
Clues Answers
Noise of the lambs BAA
Not a guzzler SIPPER
Not robust-looking DRAWN
Old comic 'Out ___ Way' OUR
Otto I's realm: Abbr. HRE
Pacific's counterpart in W.W. II: Abbr. ETO
PC place DESK
Peak seen from the Ionian Sea ETNA
Pilots must pass it STRESSTEST
Pound sounds ARFS
Prime the pot ANTE
Pulls TOWS
Recently OFLATE
Sabotaged, in a way UNDERMINED
Scrape (out) EKE
See 15-Across DOESITTURN
See 57-Across FOR
Seine city PARIS
Sentimental SOFTBOILED
Shade of yellow OCHER
Signals to speak up EHS
Singer Joey with the 60's Starliters DEE
Some electrical junctions WYES
Sorority letter RHO
Student of palms SEER
Swords, after conversion PLOWSHARES
Three before seven AREACODE
Tried to keep one's seat RERAN
Unsatisfying outcome TIE
Voting groups BLOCS
Way off AFAR
Well-kept secret, for some AGE
Western tribe UTES
While away the time LAZE
Wise guy SWAMI
With 37- and 67-Across, a question IFYOUCHOKE
With 45-Across, try to get VIE