New York Times - Nov 2 1998

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Clues Answers
Affixes in a scrapbook, say GLUES
Alone SOLO
American larch TAMARACK
Butts RAMS
Castle protection MOAT
Chills AGUE
Classic art subject NUDE
Coal stratum SEAM
Cornered ATBAY
Corrida cry OLE
Crossword by Joe DiMaggio, e.g.? YANKEEINGENUITY
Designer Cassini OLEG
Disappearing phone features DIALS
Dutch cheese EDAM
Final notice OBIT
Footballer's protection HELMET
Former Mideast inits. UAR
Former Supreme Court Justice Abe FORTAS
French pen STYLO
Geometer of 300 B.C. EUCLID
Helper AIDE
Hippie attire BEADS
Horse color ROAN
Ice hockey equipment SKATES
Israel's Abba EBAN
It's west of Que. ONT
Jai ___ ALAI
Ken Griffey Jr. at 100? ANCIENTMARINER
Lairs DENS
Legal claim LIEN
Less welcoming ICIER
Like a first draft UNEDITED
Moby-Dick, for one WHALE
Mountain nymph OREAD
Move rapidly from side to side WAGGLE
Clues Answers
Muse with a lyre ERATO
Nabisco cookie OREO
NBC newsman Roger ONEIL
Nick of 'The Prince of Tides' NOLTE
Not mono STEREO
Notorious Lansky MEYER
Ogles EYES
Olympic awards MEDALS
Opposite of everybody NOONE
Part of a marching band TUBA
Phoenix suburb MESA
Photog's request SMILE
Post-Christmas event SALE
Reformer Jacob RIIS
She played the pretty woman in 'Pretty Woman' ROBERTS
Slice CUT
Sniffer NOSE
Society girl DEB
Somme summer ETE
Sponsorship AEGIS
Standing ERECT
Star in Cygnus DENEB
Study of verse POETICS
Test-track curve ESS
Traffic arteries ROADS
Tuneful Fitzgerald ELLA
TV's Nick at ___ NITE
Wally's pal in 'Leave It to Beaver' EDDIE
Was inquisitive ASKED
Watch chains FOBS
Willie Mays at the Y? AGIANTAMONGMEN.
Workers' rewards RAISES
Zippo NADA
___ nous (confidentially) ENTRE
___ pie (sweetheart) CUTIE