- Mar 8 2006

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Clues Answers
''A mouse!'' EEK
''Don't go away!'' STAYTUNED
''In other words . . .'' IMEAN
''__ cool!'' WAY
4:00 social TEA
AARP members SRS
Actor Neeson LIAM
All the time OFTEN
All wound up TENSE
Barely beat EDGE
Burn like a candle FLICKER
Chick sound PEEP
Choreographer de Mille AGNES
Chuckleheads SAPS
Clock ticks, for short SECS
Clumsy one CLOD
Cookouts, for short BBQS
Creator of the ''Nautilus'' VERNE
Cruel dude OGRE
Cut back PARE
DC figures POLS
Director Kazan ELIA
Director Preminger OTTO
Elm offering SHADE
Fact fudger LIAR
Florence's river ARNO
Forbidden TABOO
Foreboding OMEN
Fork over PAY
Gad about ROVE
Givers of the evil eye STARERS
Gives the willies to SCARES
Gown material SATIN
Groundskeeper's buy SOD
Handbag name GUCCI
Hatchling's home NEST
Huck's buddy TOM
Clues Answers
Ice-skate feature BLADE
Keep __ (persist) ATIT
Kilauea outflow LAVA
Lay out SPEND
Leave the amateur ranks GOPRO
Leno follower OBRIEN
List of candidates TICKET
Loses firmness SAGS
Martial-arts blow CHOP
Matterhorn, e.g. ALP
Mimic's skill APERY
Mixologist's measure SHOT
Mom's mom GRAN
Nabisco brand OREO
Pint-sized TEENY
Playground apparatus SWING
Playwright Burrows ABE
Plead for mercy BEGFORGIVENESS
Polar drudges ELVES
Popeye's foe BLUTO
Porker's pad STY
Reach across SPAN
Resting on ATOP
Saturn feature RINGS
Sense of self EGO
Shifter's selection GEAR
Shopping channel QVC
Signs of spoilage ODORS
Spy's writing CODE
Stratford's river AVON
Supreme Court justice since 1990 SOUTER
Threat ender ORELSE
Time gone by PAST
Toward the rear AFT
Uttered SPOKEN
Vehicle with a turret TANK
Wretched digs HOVEL