Universal - Mar 2 2006

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Clues Answers
''Beetle Bailey'' cartoonist Walker MORT
Actor Bogarde DIRK
Affaire d'honneur DUEL
Antarctica dweller SEAL
Bank security LIEN
Barely made (with ''out'') EKED
Beliefs TENETS
Bygone Manhattan trains ELS
Campaign low blow SMEAR
Caribbean eden ARUBA
Certain bird shelter DOVECOTE
Cheesy town EDAM
Chipper PERKY
Components of snake eyes ACES
Computer store CACHE
Contrary votes NAYS
Control mechanism, informally SERVO
Dip one's toe in, say TEST
Disclose REVEAL
Donald Trump has some EXES
Filthy places STIES
Fred of classic TV REDD
Freud's ''I'' ICH
Gucci of fashion ALDO
Harangue RANT
Hemingway title word SEA
Hotel visits STAYS
It has no sting DRONE
It may be out on a limb NEST
Item for some surgeons TREE
Kind of face POKER
Like an antique USED
Like cuttlefish defenses INKY
Like unmixed whiskey NEAT
Lip-___ (mouth the words) SYNC
Made an ass of oneself? BRAYED
Makes it to the top ACHIEVES
Mobster's order, perhaps LAUNDERTHEMONEY
Muse count NINE
Clues Answers
Mushroom part CAP
Neighbor of Ethiopia KENYA
Nota ___ (take notice) BENE
Old hand VET
Old Testament killer CAIN
One more than tri- TETRA
One partner? ONLY
One with a small work force? SANTA
Opposite of 4-Down LEAVES
Opposite of apterous ALAR
Opposites of 18-Down AYES
Painter Chagall MARC
Parcel out ALLOT
Parts of ears and hearts LOBES
Pierce STAB
Pigeon-___ TOED
Profit AVAIL
Quaint kiss PECK
Race site since 1711 ASCOT
Resembling a phonograph needle STYLAR
Result of a great pitch SALE
Run, but go nowhere IDLE
Salmagundi OLIO
Semi feature AXLE
Sergeant's order, perhaps CLEANTHELATRINE
Skedaddle HIE
Soup veggies, sometimes LEEKS
They may be found hanging together PALS
This way out EXIT
Tooth parts CUSPS
Triumphant shout YES
Type of statistics or signs VITAL
Uneven, as if gnawed EROSE
Violent throw HURL
Vision and scent, e.g. SENSES
Windows alternative UNIX
X rating? TEN
___ des Beaux-Arts ECOLE