USA Today - Feb 23 2006

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Clues Answers
''In conclusion'' ERGO
''Rikki Don't Lose That Number'' group STEELYDAN
-osis : -oses :: -y : -___ IES
A strike-out makes it go down ERA
Agent's due FEE
At some distance AFAR
Autumn toiler RAKER
Babylonian god of the sky ANU
Based on theory APRIORI
Bully's dare MAKEME
Burns' hillside BRAE
Collector's suffix ANA
Compass hdg. NNE
Completely wasted DOWNTHEDRAIN
Dentist's request OPEN
Dome-shaped do AFRO
Duffer's target HOLE
Fashionable Geoffrey BEENE
Frozen snack ESKIMOPIE
Geologic divisions EONS
Gumshoe TEC
Hardly colorful DRAB
Heroine of ''Last Days of Pompeii'' IONE
It may be hitched RIDE
It often ends with a pun KNOCKKNOCKJOKE
It's drawn with a rifle? BEAD
It's dropped LSD
It's pressed for cash ATM
John's dance partner in ''Pulp Fiction'' UMA
Kidnapping org. of 1974 SLA
Kin kin KITH
List for hubby HONEYDO
Luke's sister LEIA
Moonshiner's wares HOOCH
Mr. Mister song named after a prayer KYRIE
Nureyev or Friml RUDOLF
Clues Answers
Old manuscript markings OBELI
Only about 10 percent of it is visible BERG
Penetrate slowly SEEP
Pisan pronoun ESSA
Playboy Hugh, familiarly HEF
Port in the Loire Valley NANTES
Prefix for ''eye'' OCULO
Pres. with a ranch LBJ
Present at birth NATAL
Pretends to be something one's not LIVESALIE
Pretoria's land (Abbr.) RSA
Remove, as a calcium compound DELIME
Ringbearer of film and fiction FRODO
River formations DELTAS
San follower DIEGO
Say one's piece OPINE
Scopes prosecutor BRYAN
Seat of Marion County, Florida OCALA
Sociologist Shere HITE
Some are jam-packed JARS
Subject of introspection SELF
Substantive part MEAT
Sufficient, in Dogpatch ENUF
Symbol of silence CLAM
Texans' org. AFC
The King's middle name ARON
Took in a poor boy ATE
Top-flight AONE
Trevi filler, once LIRE
Type of plum SLOE
Tyrolean refrain YODEL
U.N. agcy. promoting social justice ILO
Use Western Union, say SENDAWIRE
What Simon does SAYS
Whoop it up REVEL
Year, south of the border ANO
You can see right through it PANE