- Feb 22 2006

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Clues Answers
''. . . man __ mouse?'' ORA
''Atlantis'' org. NASA
''Beat it!'' SHOO
''The Little Foxes'' playwright HELLMAN
''Why?'' HOWSO
''__ we there yet?'' ARE
Actor Davis OSSIE
Author Hunter EVAN
Author Sheehy GAIL
Bart Simpson's sister LISA
Beatles song subject NOWHEREMAN
Bloke GENT
Bolivian river RIO
Bring up NURTURE
Buddhist priests LAMAS
Closes SHUTS
Colorado resort ASPEN
Columbus' patron ISABELLA
Couples TWOS
Courageous BRAVE
Cringe COWER
Cut off, as whiskers SHAVED
Eventful journey ODYSSEY
Eventually ONEDAY
Evolution theorist DARWIN
Exchange SWAP
Faux __ PAS
Feminine suffix ETTE
Fencing swords SABERS
Florentine river ARNO
Four score and ten NINETY
Hoisting machine WINCH
Love-letter words MISSINGYOU
Made a goof ERRED
Made beer BREWED
Maggie Smith's title DAME
Malleable PLIANT
Memorial Day race INDY
Clues Answers
Mexican food TACO
Middle Eastern sandwich GYRO
Missed, as an opportunity LOSTOUTON
More than OVER
Mythical horse/man CENTAUR
Name on a check PAYEE
New Orleans streetcar DESIRE
Not as much LESS
Nuptial vows IDOS
Observe Yom Kippur ATONE
Omelet ingredient EGGS
Part of a hammer head PEEN
Part of a phrase WORD
Part of a team's schedule AWAYGAMES
Pointy-nosed animal ANTEATER
Pronoun for a boat HER
Put in the bank SAVE
Put on a pedestal ADORE
Roebuck, e.g. DEER
Role model IDOL
Ross or Red SEA
Second ltr. addenda PPS
Sir __ Guinness ALEC
Small bit of land ISLE
Smidgen TAD
Soccer mom's vehicle SUV
Stare at OGLE
Sudden attack RAID
Sudden inhalations GASPS
Texas city WACO
Theater section LOGE
Trite humor CORN
Trudge PLOD
Whirlpool EDDY
Witnesses SEES
Workplace safety org. OSHA
Yuletide door decor WREATH
__ and Bradstreet DUN