New York Times - Feb 19 2006

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Clues Answers
'A Passage to India' woman ADELA
'Be a little more patient' GIVEITSOMETIME
'Hardly' NOT
'I'm not impressed' BIGDEAL
'Just a little bite?' ONETASTE
'Make ___ away' ITGO
'Yeah, right' IMSURE
'___ Day' (1993 rap hit) DRE
'___ was saying …' ASI
2002 Olympics venue PROVO
A joint that's hopping? ANKLE
A-one, or one living in 1-A, perhaps SUPER
Actor Novello IVOR
Ad salesman, informally REP
Afternoon hour in Italy TRE
Afternoon hour in Italy UNO
Alliance created in 1948: Abbr. OAS
An omega stands for it OHM
Ancient military hub SPARTA
Angelo's instrument ARPA
Attention getters HEYS
Automaker Maserati ERNESTO
Bawdy RACY
Blood designation, for short ONEG
Butterfly, e.g. MADAME
Cable alternative DSL
Carl Sagan's subj. ASTR
Cartel city CALI
Cartoon collectible CEL
Ceremonial burner CENSER
Certain math sign LESSTHAN
Certain turtle SNAPPER
Character on 'Frasier' NILESCRANE
Coke's partner RUM
Color similar to turquoise NILEBLUE
Concerning ASTO
Crescent point CUSP
Crumbly Italian cheese ASIAGO
Cry of distress SAVEME
Dear ones LOVES
Describes LIMNS
Dish out the beans? LADLE
Display SCENE
Dyemaking material ANILINE
Eastern discipline YOGA
Fire starter? MIS
Florida Rep. ___ Hastings ALCEE
Football Hall-of-Famer Merlin OLSEN
For one APOP
Fugard's 'A Lesson From ___' ALOES
Gas company known for its tiger slogan ESSO
Gas company known for its toy trucks HESS
Genetics, e.g.: Abbr. SCI
Get payback for AVENGE
Gran Canaria, for one ISLA
Graph component YAXIS
Greeting of yore AVE
Gut feeling? AGITA
Had a beef? ATE
Healthful dessert FRUITSALAD
Hurts AILS
Ikhnaton, for one PHARAOH
Clues Answers
It has nine figures: Abbr. SSN
It may be met or filled QUOTA
It's 94-Down for south SUR
Jacket style NEHRU
Just partly INASENSE
Knotted up EVEN
Leaves something behind LITTERS
Letters within the theme entries that are, literally, next to nothing ITS
Make into law ENACT
March word HUP
Markets of yore AGORAS
Michelin offering RADIAL
Musical opening ACTI
Neptune, e.g. SEAGOD
Not just lean FATLESS
Not just poke fun at ROAST
Not take risks PLAYITSAFE
Nothing that plays a prominent role in this puzzle NIL
Object of worship IDOL
Off-white ECRU
Old sports org. featuring the Minnesota Kicks NASL
Old war story ILIAD
One way to chop peppers FINELY
One with a thin skin? ONION
Opening SLIT
Part of many stars' names ALPHA
Pension recipient RETIREE
Poetic time of day EEN
Popular insulator MICA
Preener's partner PEAHEN
Punishes, in a way CANES
Puts on a coat PAINTS
Quit working DIE
Quite odd QUEER
Raiders' org. DEA
Resting place SPA
Room to swing ___ ACAT
Santa in California ANA
See 57-Down EXTRACT
See 92-Down SPANISH
Shades TONES
Shelters DENS
Short cuts SNIPS
Small turnover SAMOSA
Something lent or bent, in a phrase ANEAR
Specialty of Russian painter Aivazovsky SEASCAPE
Splitting image? RIP
Staggered REELED
Stephen of 'Breakfast on Pluto' REA
Support UPHOLD
Symbol of strength STEEL
The Arrow constellation SAGITTA
The D.A. probably took it once LSAT
Theseus abandoned her ARIADNE
Thought some more about SLEPTON
Ticket choice LOGE
Tiny ___ TIM
Trac II alternatives ATRAS
Under the name of, as a co. DBA
Use keys TYPE
Vaults SAFES
What the connected may have ANIN
With 58-Down, common cake ingredient VANILLA
Work recounting Dido's suicide AENEID
Worked up INASTIR
___ Station PENN