New York Times - Oct 15 1998

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Clues Answers
'A Room With ___' AVIEW
'All systems go!' READY
'Coriolanus' setting ROME
1988 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame THEBEACHBOYS
23-Across hit HELPMERHONDA
23-Across hit CAROLINENO
23-Across hit BARBARAANN
60's accessories BEADS
Alternative to AOL or CompuServe NETCOM
Angelo or Antonio, e.g. SAN
Architect Saarinen EERO
Attack GOAT
Author ___ S. Connell EVAN
Bird with an S-shaped neck HERON
Brazilian novelist Jorge AMADO
Bring into play USE
British salt LIMEY
Buy alternative LEASE
Cameo, say ROLE
Campaign event DEBATE
Certain securities deal REPO
Come back again REECHO
Debutantes' affairs BALS
Fast talk LINGO
Fit of shivering, in dialect GRUE
Gambling mecca MONACO
General's pride STARS
Gillette products FOAMS
Guanaco's cousin LLAMA
Handle-shaped ANSATE
Heartened INSPIRED
Hide seeker? TANNER
Insult SLAM
It may be left in a locker ODOR
Kind of pad STENO
Like some music ATONAL
Clues Answers
Lincoln had one BEARD
Lose it SNAP
Metaphor or irony, e.g. TROPE
Moscow-to-Volgograd dir. SSE
Mouths ORA
Mrs., abroad SRA
Nantucket resident, maybe SEASIDER
Not fully shut AJAR
One-word advice DONT
Perennial 23-Across concert opener CALIFORNIAGIRLS
Pizzeria ___ (fast-food chain) UNO
Pointed feature GOATEE.
Pushes URGES
Put-ons? AIRS
Release EMIT
Repeater? MYNA
Roast leaders MCS
Rum-laced cake BABA
Seafood entree SOLE
Sign of indifference SHRUG
Sleep disorder APNEA
Some can dig it ORE
Stolen loot HAUL
Subject of many Sanskrit epics RAMA
Thiamine deficiency woe BERIBERI
Threatening word ELSE
TV western actor ARNESS
Volunteer ENLISTEE
Waiter's word ENJOY
Wandering ADRIFT
Was informed of HEARD
Where Euboea is GREECE