USA Today - Jan 6 2006

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Clues Answers
''Blame It on ___'' (Caine film) RIO
''Die Meistersinger'' heroine EVA
''___ boy!'' (''Nice going!'') ATTA
A way to rupture REND
Annoying gossip YENTA
Bad thing to hold on to EMPTYPROMISE
Balls with lids EYES
Be decisive OPT
Borrower's burden LIEN
Brit's air arm RAF
Brother of Fidel RAUL
Business plan PROPOSAL
Certain body shape PEAR
Competing team SIDE
Copycat's request SAME
County in Missouri or Nebraska PLATTE
Cryptographer CODER
Department of France ORNE
Do parquetry INLAY
Driveway part APRON
Earned a citation, maybe SPED
Flight coordinators (Abbr.) ATC
Forest denizen ELK
Fragrant oil ATTAR
Geyserite, e.g. OPAL
He had 37 KOs ALI
Help in a way one shouldn't ABET
Hostelries INNS
Inch back RECEDE
It may be advertised VACANTAPARTMENT
It may be light or grand OPERA
Itty-___ BITTY
Kind of matter ANTI
Kyrgyz mountain range ALAI
Launderer's step SORT
Like most films RATED
Like nightmares DREAMT
Man from U.N.C.L.E. SOLO
Clues Answers
Masseur's milieu SPA
Mother Hubbard had one BARECUPBOARD
Newsworthy time ERA
North American Indians UTES
Not spotted UNSEEN
Notorious pirate captain KIDD
One less than hexa- PENTA
Organ near the temple EAR
Pitching error BALK
Place for two black suits DECK
Plan ahead, for short PREP
Proverbial heirs (with ''the'') MEEK
Put aboard LADE
Puts on the small screen, e.g. AIRS
Relevance APTNESS
Rug type PERSIAN
Russian coin RUBLE
Seed of an Asiatic legume SOYA
Seville ritual SIESTA
Sheltered bay COVE
Shoe adornment TOECAP
Shoe shapes LASTS
Smart follower ALECK
Standoff, of a kind TIE
Sukiyaki ingredient TOFU
Sweet age in old Roma XVI
Tibet explorer Hedin SVEN
Time for les vacances ETE
Too big for one's britches? OBESE
Tower part TIER
Transfixed RAPT
Turns inside out RANSACKS
TV spinoff of 1980 ENOS
Type of orange OSAGE
Wasp's nest location, perhaps EAVE
Where most strikes occur LANES
You get a credit for it ROLE
___ di Como, Italia LAGO