Jonesin' - Jan 3 2006

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Clues Answers
" ___ mouse?" ORA
"I totally understand now!" AHA
"Queen of Mean" Helmsley LEONA
"So ___ to the guy..." ISAYS
"That is gooooood!" YUM
"___ or Die" (P. Diddy campaign) VOTE
"___ the ramparts..." OER
ACLU's concern: abbr. RTS
Acoustic guitarist's lack AMP
Actor who presented at the 1973 Oscars while a streaker ran past on camera DAVIDNIVEN
Ankara dweller, say TURK
Anytown, U.S.A. street ELM
Arafat's gp., once PLO
Avian ___ FLU
Bar fixture, maybe PIANO
Bouncy stick POGO
British manicurist's decoration NAILVARNISH
Brother to Sondra, Denise, Vanessa and Rudy THEO
Chemistry bit ATOM
Come up with a cover story LIE
Comedy group whose show sometimes opened with a naked guy playing the organ MONTYPYTHON
Commute with coworkers, on a slightly larger scale VANPOOL
Cookie with coconut SAMOA
Copacabana locale RIO
Depressing Dostoyevsky FYODOR
Double curve ESS
Fall mo. SEP
Financier Carl ICAHN
Fix some loose stitching RESEW
Get in the groin, maybe KNEE
Heating conduit DUCT
Hex-ceptional practice? VOODOO
High marks KUDOS
In support of FOR
It's for those who can't handle the truth DARE
It's slipped in a high-five SKIN
Juan's wife EVITA
Little lap dog, for short POM
Clues Answers
Low-fat LEAN
Make law ENACT
Nametag word HELLO
Not post- PRE
Oscar-nominated movie where the main characters are chased down the street by an angry naked guy SIDEWAYS
Part of a horse's headgear BRIDLE
People pointed at THEM
Photo ___ OPS
Pretty follower PLEASE
Really old person, in mean slang FOSSIL
Really thin LANK
Rounds out PLUMPS
Say it isn't so NEGATE
School plagued by Andrew Martinez, the "naked guy," in the 1990s UCBERKELEY
Sci-fi speed WARP
Send in your taxes, one way EFILE
Shade HUE
Show whose original winner, Richard Hatch, strategized while naked SURVIVOR
Simpson caught using blue dye #56 MARGE
Sitcom that launched Joey Lawrence's career GIMMEABREAK
Site for grain or missiles SILO
Spotted SAW
Steve Lawrence's wife Gorme EYDIE
Switch position OFF
Take over INVADE
Teahouse munchies SCONES
Tempe sch. ASU
They provide many unhappy returns RECALLS
TV network with pledge drives PBS
Twists around SKEWS
Vast quantities OCEANS
Virgil epic, with "The" AENEID
Wack-job MANIAC
Watching events closely ONALERT
Words seen on menus after "bowl" or "cup" OFSTEW
Worker for a while TEMP
Writing surfaces in one-room schoolhouses SLATES
___ even keel ONAN