L.A. Times Magazine - Jan 1 2006

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Clues Answers
"... to ___ peach?" (T.S. Eliot) EATA
"A pile of ___ ..." COLDCUTS
"A plate of ___ ..." BRAISEDRIBS
"A tall glass of ___ ..." CHERRYPUNCH
"A ___, rare ..." ROUNDSTEAK
"An order of ___ ..." ONIONRINGS
"And for dessert, a slice of ___ pie." MINCEMEAT
"And while ___ it ..." IMAT
"Chicken wings, lightly ___ ..." BATTERED
"Don't take ___ hard" ITSO
"Eli's Coming" composer Laura NYRO
"I love," to Lucius AMO
"Lonesome George" of 1950s TV GOBEL
"Memory" musical CATS
"No hell ___, above us only sky" (from "Imagine") BELOWUS
"Some ___ ..." ROASTDUCK
"That is" follower ALL
"They leave," in old plays EXEUNT
"To be honest ..." FRANKLY
"With ___ on the side ..." BLACKEYEDPEAS
"___, grilled ..." SOCKEYESALMON
1980s supermodel GIA
A, B, or C: abbr. LTR
Abbr. on a tax form IRA
African language group BANTU
Alternative to Rush NPR
Ample avians EMUS
And others, briefly ETAL
Art ___ DECO
Aspen or Vail, e.g. SKIAREA
Asylum seeker, maybe EMIGRE
Athlete's accolade MVP
Attribute ASCRIBE
Bat stat RBI
Bee Gees' genre DISCO
Berle's nickname MILTIE
Birthplace of Jules Verne NANTES
Blacksmith needs ANVILS
Boxer's foot? PAW
Boxing outcomes TKOS
Brainy contest BEE
Brandy letters VSO
Bull's motto BUY
Bus-info sheets, briefly SKEDS
Cake finishers ICERS
Cartoon cry YIPE
Casual day, perh. FRI
CD player precursor TAPEDECK
Chan portrayer Warner OLAND
Charlemagne's dad ("the Short") PEPIN
Chart anew REMAP
Colts owner Robert who spirited the team away from Baltimore to Indianapolis IRSAY
Counsel, old-style (anagram of DEER) REDE
Country star's sitcom REBA
Decal type IRONON
Deposed leader's limbo EXILE
Do over, as flight plans REBOOK
Dog-owner Charles NORA
Duped twin ESAU
Eagles' nests AERIES
Extinct bird MOA
Eye parts UVEAS
Flock leader PASTOR
Fowl pole? ROOST
Galleon booty ORO
Get (by) EKE
Glistened SHONE
Go fish request NINES
Had a brain freeze ERRED
Hangs around STAYS
Hawaii's Mauna ___ KEA
Helper: Abbr. ASST
Clues Answers
Ice great ORR
Impersonated DID
Indian outfit, variantly SAREE
Infamous Cesare BORGIA
Infamous Roman NERO
King of Skull Island KONG
Knocked cold OUT
Leader of a plow team, in Olde England ACREMAN
Lowdown SKINNY
Mao follower TSE
Math class: abbr. GEOM
Mole or plant SPY
More calm SERENER
More muddleheaded DOPIER
Most slothlike POKIEST
Mountain lake TARN
Nanny's cousin AUPAIR
Nary ___ (no one) ASOUL
Navy elite SEALS
Not-to-do list TABOOS
Noted boxer ALI
Noted flagmaker ROSS
Old-style peep show RAREE
Passover meal SEDER
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Perform without ___ ANET
Physicist Niels BOHR
Pigeon-___ TOED
Pilgrim John ALDEN
Remove forcibly EVICT
Rival of Sinclair and Sunoco ESSO
Royal staff, to a Brit SCEPTRE
Rudimentary BASIC
Sailing term ALEE
Sam Spade's secretary EFFIE
Sans delay ASAP
Says positively AVERS
Scarecrow's headful, according to his Oz song STUFFIN
She-bear, in Seville OSA
Singer Bobby VEE
Singer Ford, "Ol' ___" ERN
Slammin' Sammy's family SNEADS
Slanted in the paper?: abbr. ITAL
Sleigh guide RUDOLPH
Small songbirds LARKS
Smart's partner SASSY
Spanish aunt TIA
Stage prompt CUE
Stops, to a sailor HEAVESTO
Succor AID
Sudden hankering URGE
Surgeon's duds SCRUBS
Taylor of The Birds ROD
The Merry Widow composer LEHAR
They're scanned in mkts. UPCS
Throw in ADD
Toll road PIKE
Top exec CEO
Trade-in, often OLDCAR
TV music vendor KTEL
Twist-apart treat OREO
Unsteadily SHAKILY
Use, as a mattress LIEON
Waitress: "In other words, the ___. Comin' right up." COMBINATION
Waitress: "What'll ya have, Rocky?" Rocky: "Let's see ... a couple of ___ ..." BELLPEPPERS
Where Aeneas fought TROY
Wile E. Coyote supplier ACME
Writers of "was here" graffiti KILROYS
You are here EARTH