New York Times - Dec 30 2005

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Clues Answers
'As You Like It' setting ARDEN
'Do ___?' IDARE
'Flash Gordon' cartoonist ___ Raymond ALEX
'Hit it!' BEGIN
'The Arraignment of Paris' playwright PEELE
'Two to go' situation ONEOUT
A store might have its own BRAND
Almost even SIXTYFORTY
Bank abbr. APR
Banking assessor, perhaps TESTPILOT
Big maker of binoculars LEICA
Blind parts SLATS
Blows up RAGES
Classroom assignments?: Abbr. TAS
Cup of ice? STANLEY
Debuggers' discoveries ERRORS
Dinosaur, so to speak HASBEEN
Director Demme TED
Does some curling PERMS
Double execution? STUNT
Elite military group NAVYSEALS
Engages in violent practices? SPARS
Ex-governor of California ___ Wilson PETE
Extraordinary communicators TELEPATHS
G.R.E. distributor ETS
George who wrote 'The Bubble of American Supremacy' SOROS
Getting there INTRANSIT
Hot shots? SEXSCENES
Intensely excited ABOIL
It's just above a foot ANKLET
Kind of gold OLYMPIC
Lady, e.g. PEERESS
Legend, e.g. ACURA
Like 58-Across ADULT
Like some currents TIDAL
Clues Answers
Long-distance calls? YELLS
Lord's Prayer adjective THY
Major company renamed in 1997 USAIR
Namesakes, sometimes: Abbr. SRS
Old message system TELEX
One way to microwave ONLOW
Outbound vessel AORTA
Part of a sultry look POUTYLIPS
Place for a houseplant SILL
Possible antibiotic target STREP
Ray extension FIN
Record-keeping aid SLEEVE
Safari transport, briefly ATV
Science students' costs LABFEES
Service collection TEASET
Snicker part HEE
Some change CENTS
Some game pieces TILES
Some male dolls ANDYS
Spike TV, once TNN
Stranded messenger? RNA
Subject preceder INRE
Sugar and salt, commonly SOLUTES
Tattered condition SHREDS
Undisturbed? SANE
Union land: Abbr. EUR
Where one might be rushed FRATHOUSE
Withdraws PULLS
Wolf's delivery PICKUPLINE
Wrapped (up) SEWED
___ profit TURNA
___ sample TRYA
___ show, at a carnival RAREE