New York Times - Sep 24 1998

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Clues Answers
'A Passage to India' doctor AZIZ
'Bleak House' girl and others ADAS
'Easy Rider' biker WYATT
'Grand' THOU
'Long time ___' NOSEE
A long time in México ANOS
Bibliographical abbr. ETAL
Book of prophecies HOSEA
Boxing stat TKOS
British ending ZED
Calyx part SEPAL
Ceaselessly ONEND
Children's author Blyton ENID
Color appropriate for 7-Down AMBER
Colored part of a ball? IRIS
Columnist's squib ITEM
Comb and comb and comb PREEN
Comedian's stock GAGS
Commercial ___ ZONE
Common trash can site ALLEY
Cousin of 'whoops!' OHNO
Do a supermarket job BAG
Draconian HARSH
Early 11th-century date MIII
Garden annual ASTER
Greek gulf or city ARTA
Heart GIST
Heed sound advice LISTENTOREASON
Heracles' captive maiden IOLE
Humorist/illustrator Jon AGEE
In reserve ONICE
Incisiveness BITE
It precedes 15 LOVE
Kind of terrier SKYE
Clues Answers
Kitt who wrote 'A Tart Is Not a Sweet' EARTHA
Like a Playmate SEXY
Like this puzzle THEMED
Literary postscript EPILOG
Mason of 'The Goodbye Girl' MARSHA
Meat purchase LOIN
Naysay DENY
New York's ___ Place ASTOR
Newsman's dramatic cry STOPTHEPRESSES.
No longer in the closet OUTED
Oliver's request MORE
Overpower DEFEAT
Pacific republic NAURU
Park director's concern: Abbr. ECOL
Play a round GOLF
Player in a dome ASTRO
Popular landscaping plant HOSTA
Rock stars' dates GIGS
Seagull spot ISLET
See 28-Down CHASE
Slick OILY
Slightly tainted GAMY
Spanish direction ESTE
Stew bean LIMA
Storm's cause, maybe ELNINO
Stow, as cargo STEEVE
Syrian hub ALEPPO
Tickled GLAD
Travolta film, 1989 LOOKWHOSTALKING
Troubadour's dawn song ALBA
University town west of Cedar Rapids AMES
Vitality PULSE
Wall St. acronym AMEX
Welcome to paradise? ALOHA
With 1-Across, star of Broadway's 'The Women,' 1936 ILKA
___-Ball (arcade game) SKEE