L.A. Times Daily - Dec 16 2005

Clues Answers
"I Lost It at the Movies" author KAEL
"Nuts!" DARNIT
"Shakespeare in Amer. Communities" co-sponsor NEA
"The Daughter of Time" author TEY
"Why not give it __?" ATRY
Attic, e.g. LOFT
Author Bagnold ENID
Barely any ONE
Baseball book? SPORTFOLIO
Boots out OUSTS
Bunch SLEW
Cell component RNA
Certain sib BRO
Charm, for instance ASSET
Coal mine product METHANE
Collection pit SUMP
Cook with a laser? SPOTROAST
Covered with dirt or gravel, say UNPAVED
Curtain adornments TASSELS
Daughter of Cadmus INO
Dependable STABLE
Doctor's orders TESTS
Door opener PASSKEY
Dream indication REM
Drops on the ground DEW
Environmentalist GREEN
Err as to the origin of MISDATE
Excitement manifestation TINGLE
Fall bloom MUM
Fizzle (out) PETER
Flying letters ETA
For the birds AVIAN
Former CIA counterpart KGB
Girl's toy TEASET
Graceful women SYLPHS
Clues Answers
It engages in underground activity ROOT
Jungfrau, e.g. ALP
Kind of ballot MAILIN
Krupp works city ESSEN
Kung __ chicken PAO
Lee's best? SPIKESPEAK
Like funds on hand UNSPENT
Market SELL
Mayberry boy OPIE
Mentor's charge PROTEGE
Nimble AGILE
Nobility PEERAGE
NY hospital co-founder SLOAN
O'Neill's "The Hairy __" APE
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Old Dodges OMNIS
On its way SENT
P, in radio lingo PAPA
Palace overseas ELYSEE
Perfect number TEN
Public relations budget? SPINMONEY
Responses to bridge bids? AYEAYES
Secret target? ARMPIT
Southeast Asian language LAO
Sticker bush cousin? SPINETREE
Storm hdg. NNE
Temporary ACTING
They may be full of shots ALBUMS
Tying up MOORING
Wears well LASTS
Wink accompanier NUDGE
WWW address URL
XXX, perhaps KISSES
You'd hear it in Toledo ESPANOL
__ Bernardo, Chile SAN
__ big way INA