Universal - Dec 11 2005

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Clues Answers
''Carmen,'' e.g. OPERA
''Chicago Hope'' Emmy winner LAHTI
''Goodnight, ___'' (1950 hit) IRENE
''Gulliver's Travels'' savage YAHOO
''Hill Street Blues'' star HAMEL
''Iliad'' city TROY
''It's all the ___ to me'' SAME
''Let's go!'' CMON
''Now ___ me down to sleep ...'' ILAY
''The King and I'' schoolteacher ANNA
''True Colors'' singer LAUPER
''___ Good Men'' AFEW
''___ Kapital'' DAS
1969 Hoffman role RATSO
About to appear FORTHCOMING
Antiquated ANCIENT
Archipelago feature ISLET
Authority to decide SAYSO
Bad men of opera, often BASSI
Basketball tactic FASTBREAK
Bed stiffeners SLATS
Better than average ABOVEPAR
Blood-pressure raiser IRE
British corp. designation LTD
Build a fire under, say AROUSE
Burial chambers TOMBS
Canterlike gait LOPE
Castle basements, in some films LABS
Charitable fractions TITHES
Chipped in chips ANTED
Cinematic lady gangster BONNIE
City of seven hills ROME
Clairvoyant SEER
Coke nut? KOLA
Condition of equilibrium STASIS
Constellation with the star Vega LYRA
Contents of some in-boxes EMAILS
Cry weakly MEWL
Curtis Mayfield hit SUPERFLY
Cutting edge creator HONE
Dessert not for the diet-conscious SUNDAE
Do-re-mi MOOLA
Does a casino job DEALS
Doesn't go together CLASHES
Earthen water jars OLLAS
Effusively friendly person BACKSLAPPER
Elevator on a golf course? TEE
Employ a dirk STAB
Emulated Henry Clay Frick AMASSED
End of a fairy tale AFTER
Equitable deal FAIRTRADE
Event in a ring RODEO
Exam part, sometimes ESSAY
Exhibit for an industry TRADEFAIR
Extremely cold GELID
Famous portrait model name LISA
Far from uninterested ENRAPT
Fare-well link THEE
Fax function SEND
Foreign car make OPEL
Gem State product, informally TATER
Generic dog name ROVER
Green-lights OKAYS
Grist for some processors DATA
Half of an '80s crime-fighting duo LACEY
Happy as ___ ACLAM
Having melodic harmony TONAL
Heavenly messenger GABRIEL
Highlight of 2-Down ARIA
In a high-spirited manner GAILY
Clues Answers
Is wildly unstable YOYOS
It involves a lot of Sunday drivers GOLF
It tops some lists TODO
It's hot in here OVEN
Killer whale ORCA
Kitchen appliance brand AMANA
Knighted actor Guinness ALEC
Lacking moisture DRY
Landlord, e.g. LESSOR
Lass in a Hardy tale TESS
Lengthy time units EONS
Like desert growth SERE
Like some interpretations LOOSE
Loser to Truman DEWEY
Made Bond's martini SHOOK
Many people like their smell BAKERIES
More than see RAISE
Movie Hall of fame? ANNIE
Natural dos AFROS
Neighbor of New Brunswick QUEBEC
One-time talker O'Donnell ROSIE
Ore corridor SHAFT
Over the first floor UPSTAIRS
Package delivery org. USPS
Palindromic Midwestern tribe OTO
Pervasive qualities AURAS
Peter the Great, e.g. TSAR
Physics law OHMS
Pillaged RAVAGED
Place to be pampered SPA
Planet in an old sitcom ORK
Pocket sandwich bread PITA
Poked with a patella KNEED
Pro ___ (proportionately) RATA
Proofreader's discoveries TYPOS
Protected the king, in a way CASTLED
Quickly, quickly ASAP
Remedied CURED
Removes dependency WEANS
Retinal cells RODS
Roast figure EMCEE
Roof overhangs EAVES
Rootstock used in perfumes ORRIS
Run or hide, e.g. VERB
Sandwich board words EATAT
Scandinavian rug RYA
Search for the right word, e.g. HEM
Shakespeare play, circa 1605 KINGLEAR
She's an inspiration MUSE
Shogun's sash OBI
Slow-pitch path ARC
Softened, as tones MUTED
Some are indelible INKS
Some juice from a press CIDER
Spread the gospel PREACH
Substance found in flour GLUTEN
Suffuses BATHES
Tacna's country PERU
Talks one's ear off GABS
Tease mercilessly RIDE
Trade center MART
Transcript stat GPA
Tu-144 and Concorde, once SSTS
Type of eye in a TV show title QUEER
Uncle Sam characteristic BEARD
Unfortunate coal mine visitors CANARIES
Unwary NAIVE
Vestment for the clergy ALB
Villainous glare SNEER
Weapon with a blunted end EPEE
Winning tic-tac-toe line OOO
Witnessed SEEN
Word in a Ray Stevens song title ARAB
Word with hygiene or exam ORAL
Works over a hot stove, e.g. SLAVES