New York Times - Dec 10 2005

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Clues Answers
'Who has seen the wind?' poet ROSSETTI
1970's song subtitled 'Touch the Wind' ERESTU
1977 Tony-winning musical ANNIE
Acetaminophen brand TYLENOL
Actress in 'Anger Management,' 2003 TOMEI
Airing ONTV
Bad, in Bogotá MALO
Ball carrier, at times ARNAZ
British royal house for nearly two centuries HANOVER
Cable guide abbr. SHO
Champagne concoctions MIMOSAS
Check REIN
Concert souvenirs TEES
Constellation next to Norma ARA
Didn't get nothing SCORED
End of an architect's name ROHE
European air hub DEGAULLE
Expy. TNPK
Field stats TDS
Florida's Saint ___ University LEO
Full-house indication SRO
Got on AGED
Half a world capital ABABA
Half the portals INS
Harass and insult, slangily RIPON
Hayek of 'Wild Wild West' SALMA
Head of ___ STEAM
Homophone of 50-Down OUR
Horse's halter WHOA
Impregnable stronghold GIBRALTAR
Impregnate SOAK
Increase quickly, with 'up' RAMP
Clues Answers
It may be overhead EXPENSE
It's done while holding hands HORA
It's what's happening EVENT
Its biggest attraction is on a list PISA
Make a note of ENTER
Mark's replacement EURO
Moves to a new bed REPLANTS
North Carolina river TAR
Not a complete amateur SEMIPRO
Not decumbent ERECT
One who's been seeing things TOURIST
Ones providing insights? XRAYEYES
Part of his body was famously insured for $100,000 by Lloyd's of London DURANTE
Pauley Pavilion athlete BRUIN
Pony Express segments RELAYS
Puzzle's center ZEES
Resembling ALA
Section of L.A. LOS
Shoulder pad EPAULET
Some after-dinner quaffs SANKAS
Sound from a speaker ORATION
Speedy steed ARAB
Springs ARISES
Tactic in rotation MASSE
Teen of TV lore DOBIE
Telekinesis, e.g. PSI
The spy in 'The Spy Who Came In From the Cold' ALEC
Twelve to one HOUR
Unimprovable situation HEAVENONEARTH
Veritas provider? VINO
Vice-presidential middle name NANCE
Water temperature gauge TOE
Welcome sight for a marathoner TAPE