Universal - Dec 7 2005

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Clues Answers
''Circle of Life'' singer John ELTON
''Mutt and ___'' JEFF
A beach ball may do it LANDINSAND
A case of pins and needles ETUI
Add body to hair TEASE
Airplanes do it every day COMEDOWNTOEARTH
Alternatives to walks RIDES
Animal pouch SAC
Arraignment offering PLEA
Attorneys' jargon LEGALESE
Avoid incoming fire HITTHEDIRT
Bean and Bates ALANS
Bit of residue DREG
Breaker WAVE
Brother of Cain and Abel SETH
Burt's ex-wife LONI
Carthage neighbor UTICA
Caught wind of HEARD
Chichen Itza attraction RUINS
Cincinnati-to-Toledo dir. NNE
Daniel survived it DEN
Defect FLAW
Editor's ''Let it stand'' STET
Emulate a raindrop FALLTOTHEGROUND
Female player ACTRESS
First name in mysteries ERLE
Former Iranian monarch SHAH
Garden neatener WEEDER
Grain grinder MILL
Grayish green RESEDA
Having a scalloped edge CRENATE
In the thick of AMID
It's a grate thing ASH
Jai ___ ALAI
Lalique or Russo RENE
Like ___ of bricks ATON
Lillehammer events SLALOMS
Clues Answers
Liqueur flavoring ANISE
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Meal leftovers SCRAPS
Mediocre mark CEE
Misplace LOSE
Moll Flanders' creator DEFOE
Money roll WAD
Nephew of Cain ENOS
Nova follower SCOTIA
Occupational suffix EER
Old wound mark SCAR
Part of a doorway JAMB
Prefix for motor or control SERVO
Prefix with change INTER
Prepared fish, in a way FLOURED
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Reduced, as tension EASED
Rich sources LODES
Right away NOW
Rock climber's need TOEHOLD
Rumford-to-Bangor dir. ENE
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Setting for some Tchaikovsky score BALLET
Splits up evenly DIVVIES
Start of Barney's theme song ILOVEYOU
They're kept under wraps GIFTS
To any extent ATALL
Trent of the Senate LOTT
Type of closet LINEN
Type of log YULE
Type of rayon VISCOSE
Used up GONE
Verses of tribute ODES
Word with split or book ENDS
Work a form FILLOUT
Writes out of the will DISOWNS