L.A. Times Daily - Nov 30 2005

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YOUBET
"Annie Hall" Oscar-winning director ALLEN
"L.A. Law" actress DEY
"Pippin" choreographer Bob FOSSE
1953 A.L. MVP Al ROSEN
Acid type AMINO
And others, for short ETAL
Asked for identification CARDED
Blubber BAWL
Briefs brand HANES
Busy place HIVE
Campers' craft CANOES
City on Norton Sound NOME
Classic Ford LTD
Coloratura Gluck ALMA
Covent Garden solos ARIAS
Dermatologists' concerns CYSTS
Ducky insurance co.? AFLAC
Friend of Jerry and George ELAINE
Get in good condition SHAPEUP
Have status RATE
Heart conditions? ACHES
High standards IDEALS
Hot rum drink GROG
Immortal Colts quarterback UNITAS
IV units CCS
Kind of form RACING
Legal ending ESE
Let out conditionally PAROLE
Little helper ELF
Luxury auto pioneer ROYCE
Make less dense RAREFY
Clues Answers
More substantial MEATIER
Motley assortment MIXEDBAG
Newspaper sales: Abbr. CIRC
Novelist O'Brien EDNA
Obscene material SMUT
Organic fuel PEAT
Part of a deck SPADE
Pigeon-__ TOED
Place for an iris UVEA
Place for signing DOTTEDLINE
Precollege, for short ELHI
Quick breakfast fare EGGO
Reasonable target FAIRGAME
Record company that released Crosby's "White Christmas" DECCA
Respecting ASTO
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Sawbuck TEN
Sci-fi barrier FORCEFIELD
Shortened a sentence, maybe EDITED
Southwestern plain LLANO
Spinning sound WHIR
Straight men STOOGES
Student grade factor TEST
Subtleties, as of meaning SHADES
Theme of this puzzle CAREERS
They may be checked at the door AGES
Tolerate BEAR
Took out OFFED
Trait carrier GENE
Univ. Web address suffix EDU
Untrue NOTSO
Web protocol TELNET
Winner of three Masters SNEAD
Words before snag or homer HITA
x and y, often AXES
Zaire's Mobutu __ Seko SESE