New York Times - Sep 8 1998

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Clues Answers
'George Washington ___ here' SLEPT
'Time ___ My Side' (Stones hit) ISON
'___ to the Church on Time' GETME
1974 Sutherland/Gould spoof SPYS
Accountant's software SPREADSHEET
After-tax amount NET
Alabama march city SELMA
Asner and Begley EDS
Baseball's Tony or Alejandro PENA
Bays, in a way HOWLS
Bit of Italian bread? LIRA
Broadway star Verdon GWEN
Chance for a hit ATBAT
Chronic nag SHREW
Co. abbr. INC
Computer that doesn't use Windows MAC
Corned beef dishes HASHES
Couric of 'Today' KATIE
Crooned SANG
Don at the tailor's TRYON
Dwelling ABODE
End-of-filming gala WRAPPARTY
Exhibit annoying satisfaction GLOAT
Filmdom's Joel or Ethan COEN
First, second, reverse, etc. GEARS
French farewell ADIEU
Full of chutzpah BRASH
Get sore ACHE
Golden attribute? SILENCE
Grocery tote BAG
Halloween disguises MASKS
Harmful precipitation ACIDRAIN
Healthful SALUTARY
Home of the Bears and the Bulls: Abbr. CHI
Horrid smell STENCH
Hosp. section ICU
Join forces UNITE
Clues Answers
Kind of drum or fiddle BASS
Like some pre-Columbian culture AZTECAN
Little piggy? TOE
Lively, as an imagination VIVID
Makeup brand COVERGIRL
Many a Melville setting, with 'the' SEA
March of ___ DIMES
Mas' mates PAS
Most hearty HALEST
Mrs. Lennon ONO
Nada ZIP
Passing notice OBIT
Pork cut LOIN
Porterhouse or T-bone STEAK
Precede, with 'to' LEADUP
Puddinglike dessert MOUSSE
Put in rollers SET
Pvt.'s boss SGT
Ran first LED
Removes gently EASESOUT
See eye to eye AGREE
Silky-haired dog AFGHANHOUND
Skater Hamilton SCOTT
Smithy FORGE
Suit to ___ ATEE
Swellhead's journey? EGOTRIP
Take by force SEIZE
Tatum or Ryan ONEAL
The slo-o-o-ow train LOCAL
They may be served with a twist MARTINIS
Verne's captain NEMO
Volcano flow LAVA
Way to go: Abbr. RTE
Wedding seater USHER
___ Arbor, Mich. ANN
___ dye (chemical coloring) AZO