New York Times - Mar 26 1997

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Clues Answers
'Cheers' character DIANE
'Gunsmoke' appeared on it CBS
'Merry old' king of rhyme COLE
A 'Road' destination RIO
Antitoxins SERA
Atahualpa was one INCA
Bar fare SALAD
Black-and-white snack OREO
Busboy's pickup TRAY
Caesar's sidekick COCA
Candle count AGE
Cast member PLAYER
China setting ASIA
Circus Hall of Fame site SARASOTA
Coach Parseghian ARA
Columbus initials OSU
Compass pt. SSE
Crystal-lined rock GEODE
Delivery person? SAVIOR
Disconcerted FAZED
Dog from Japan AKITA
Drivel PAP
E.R. devices IVS
Edmonton icemen OILERS
Election winners INS.
Emotional pang TWINGE
Fine-edged KEEN
Get a move on HIE
Go back into business REOPEN
Golden Fleece craft ARGO
Gridiron mishap FUMBLE
Hellenic vowel ETA
Highway hauler SEMI
Himalayan kingdom NEPAL
Hopping mad IRATE
Horse opera OATER
Hwy. TPK
Jamboree locale CAMPSITE
Clues Answers
Kickoff aid TEE
Kind of nerve OPTIC
Lawn game BOCCI
Learned one PUNDIT
Main point GIST
Make a pitch HURL
Make out FARE
Masochistic trumpeter's prediction? ALHIRTMYSELF
Messes up ERRS
More exquisite DAINTIER
Moundsman Hershiser OREL
Noodges NAGS
Obese author's admission? ANITALOOSWEIGHT
Old comic actress ___ Janis ELSIE
One who succeeds HEIR
Opposed ANTI
Orchestral offering CONCERTO
Original sinner EVE
Oversupply GLUT
Part of a road test BRAKES
Part of B.Y.O.B. YOUR
Peek-___ ABOO
Profits AVAILS
Puckish ELFIN
Sample, as wine SIP
Shiraz native IRANI
Singer Shannon DEL
Skip, as commercials ZAP
Smoothly, to Solti LEGATO
Source of fiber BRAN
Spoken ORAL
Stick together COHERE
Strive TRY
Suffix with labyrinth INE
Terrarium plant FERN
Trattoria staple PASTA
Vegas opening LAS
When an actress can see forever? INACLAIREDAY